The GOP Plan for 2016?



The following letter was communications intercepted from one Republican Strategist to the RNC about ways to get the GOP rolling again, will these strategies be implemented in 2016? It remains to be seen………

Dear, Mr. Preibus,

We need a plan. After the 2012 elections it is quite obviously that the country is not as white as it used to be. Unfortunately this is what the mixing of the races has done! Thankfully though we have an edge we have a few Hispanics who believe in the conservative claptrap, all we have to do is push Rubio and Cruz just a little, until we can gain some credibility among the beaners. Once this is achieved we can move to the next step in the game. Times have changed we unfortunately must pull out our own version of Obama for 2016 or at least trot him out till the primaries…. afterwards we can put the White Man back to his place as head of a Nation.. (and oh yeah throw in a couple of chicks just to confuse the audience).

The second phase of our plan would be to strike down Obamacare. Now while it is true that attempts are constantly defeated and even the Supreme Court told us to fuck off , we still need to do this. I like the fact that you are still making sure that Boehner and gang get their shit together and do it. Shutting down the government is the only way to know. When these lazy minorities get their welfare checks cut, they will feel the heat, and blame Obamacare. That is how this mission needs to be sold… an all out blitz blaming Obamacare for the Sequester, it is a piece of strategic genius and we are getting the campaign going (we are even using colorful teddy bears and cats to make the message marketable and cuddly).

The third phase we need a war. Yes enough of this bullshit. Nothing gets America going like a good old fashion can of whoop ass, on some brown bastards… hell maybe we can even do a throwback and bomb Russia, after all they have the nerve to let Snowden stay in their Country and he is a traitor! With this Syria thing that lousy ex KGB bastard is laughing at u! And so is the rest of the world! Mr. Preibus, we love war! The American people will support a good patriotic war we need to give this Syria thing a u-turn, maybe bomb Iran! It doesn’t matter just make sure someone gets attacked by 2016 and we take the credit!

Mr. Preibus, by following the three phases of the plan we will certainly win in 2016! We have researched these methods and know that they will once again return us to power in 2016 and maybe even help us regain the Senate once more. Please I urge you to implement this plan and we will once again be victorious!


Royce Agnew

Americans for a More Powerful Conservative Movement

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