Attacking Syria is a Tragic Error!


By Alberto Pupo

As America prepare for Iraq the sequel.. er Syria. We the people have to sit back look at this travesty and watch history coming dangerously close to repeating itself. Once again ten years after the initial disaster , a decade yet apparently we as a Nation do not learn our lesson. Going into Syria is a tragic mistake, the bottom line is that nothing productive will come from involving our Nation in another war for a variety of reasons. Yes the first and most important reason is that war in itself is an aberration of human nature and does no good to any of the parties involved. Ideologically driven Pacifism aside there are a host of other reasons why America must stay out of Syria.

This is a Civil War- Yes as sad, tragic, destructive, etc as the conflict may be it is a Civil War that has been going on for years now. The dispute is between different parties with a competing vision of governance for their own country. America cannot get involved in an internal dispute. Not only is it not prudent due to a lack of understanding of the culture and internal politics of the Syrian Nation, but also because as an outsider looking in, an outside Country should not ever dictate policy and governance to any Nation,

An attack will only Kill more Innocents- Whether we want to acknowledge it or not missiles are destructive weapons. When these weapons are fired down from the heavens they can fall anywhere and take out many innocents (or as we call it collateral damage). Missiles can only be guided so far and their destructive nature can destroy multiple, residences and city blocks and kill innocent children who may be in the “vicinity of the enemy”. Protecting the innocent by killing more of them is a counter intuitive notion.

Blowback- Going into Syria is already going to upset to large powerful Nations in Russia and China. The diplomatic relationships with these Nations is tenuous at best and attacking a Nation which contributes to the economy of Russia and China will only draw more ire and hate. Already both the Russian and Chinese Governments have warned that intervention will not be looked at in a kind fashion. Besides push back from Russia and China, another player in the Middle East who will not take an invasion of Syria lightly will be the country of Iran. These three countries may form an alliance against the United States if we continue to enter the war.

Wasted Tax Dollars- With an economy that had to deal with various sequesters this year, it is amazing that there is a plan on the table to actually go to war with Syria. War is costly not just in lost of human life, but it is costly on financial resources and it can certainly out a strain on resources It is a tremendous irony that as this country speaks of a “weakened economy” “balanced budgets” “sequesters” that this Nation wants to get involved in an armed conflict that will prove to be more of a strain on the resources of the Nation.

Going into Syria is a terrible mistakes. The above reasons are but a mere sampling at what an error this will be. We again stand at a crossroads as a Nation, faced with an eerily similar situation, where because of dubious intelligence we are looking to please Prince Bandar and get immersed in a Civil War of a Sovereign Nation. So it is all up to Congress now, to at least stop the war machine from roaring forward.

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One thought on “Attacking Syria is a Tragic Error!

  1. I wish they would stop calling the war in Syria a Civil War, IT IS NOT a civil war, for one, there is nothing civil about it, but more important is that the people are not fighting among themselves to topple Assad,
    the people are fighting the infiltrated (from Saudi) muslim brotherhood to protect their currant government.
    It burns the hell out of me how misleading those words are.

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