Disregard for Civil Liberties= Rand Paul Presidency?

By Alberto Pupo

Blowback! Actions being taken that create unintended consequences. The current trend has been to wantonly disregard Civil Liberties on all fronts. The Obama Administration has followed in the steps of the Bush Administration by embracing the world of cloak and dagger, NSA spying, Drones, The Patriot Act. By taking this course and embracing the National Security state the Obama Administration finds itself at odds with anyone who firmly believes in the idea of preserving civil liberties. That being said the Administration which happens to be a Democrat Administration in taking the actions it is taking is actually paving the path for something which would seem incredible but can happen., A Rand Paul Presidency.

Rand Paul, is an opportunist, a domestic nightmare. A man who claims to be a Libertarian and a Republican at the same time! A man whose social views are reprehensible. Yet this year as the path to 2016 begins he has been preparing himself to win the White House based on blunders by Obama. It started with the Drones and targeted assassinations. While the Obama Administration and continued to justify the use of Drones and targeted killings. Rand Paul jumped into full fledged opportunist mode and went off on a Filibuster speech that brought him a lot of attention and press. With his attack on drones whether out of genuine belief or Sheer Carpe Diem it did not matter because Paul had suddenly found a way into the hearts and minds of the American voter. Most recently with the whole situation brewing over the NSA spying and Rand Paul has once again taken the charge and has called the NSA practice unconstitutional. Suddenly the voice of reason was not coming from the left but from the Right Pseudo Libertarian wing of the Republican Party.

Rand Paul’s recent bold stances a on behalf of Civil Liberties have earned him new fans. To the casual American and the independent who rarely digs beneath the surface of a sound bite, Rand Paul will sound like a hero in a bleak moment in American history. Rand Paul’s actions will be seen as beacons of hopes in a Nation were politicians do not care to protect the Civil Liberties of the American people. Just look at Bradley Manning a courageous young whistle-blower sentenced to 35 years in prison because he dared to stand up and inform the people of all the wrong being done by their own government, (a government for the people by the people). Because civil liberty concerns are not being addressed properly and the Obama Administration is taking them for granted this has left the door open for Rand Paul to jump into full fledged civil libertarian mode and very conveniently obscure his less than desirable views on society and the plight of the Poor and Middle Class of this Nation.

The solution to this problem is simple, the Left needs to find a Candidate who will respect Civil Liberties and move America from away from the 9/11 mentality. By having a Progressive candidate offer a counter narrative then it will be possible to prevent the disaster that will be a Rand Paul Presidency. Unfortunately the choices are few if existent at all. The only two current politicians that seem to be interested in Civil Liberties on the Left are Ron Wyden of Oregon and Alan Grayson of Florida. While most other Democrats have been supporting the NSA and other lovely Civil Liberty violations these two individuals have been actually trying to preserve civil liberties. This is what will be needed if a Rand Paul presidency is to be stopped in 2016.

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