The Real Traitors!


By Alberto Pupo

The last few weeks the words treason, and traitor have been thrown about with wild abandon about Edward Snowden. Meanwhile all attention has been focused (obsessively) on Snowden, true traitors have been working on ways to betray the people of this Nation in a way that has real world implications on the future of the Democratic Process in our Nation. Today these traitors who have already worked so hard against the people, once again took another potshot and once again have betrayed the people of this Nation. Yes these traitors we speak of are the United States Supreme Court Members who today voted to knock down with of the cornerstones of what was achieved during the Civil Rights movement, by striking down a provision of The Voting Rights Act of 1965 that would stop States from Outright Discrimination against Voters.

 Citizens United allowed a Corporate free for all during Election season, Today’s decision will make sure that minorities will never vote in the south again. In a sharply, divided and highly partisan (surprise) 5-4 decision., Justice Roberts hiding behind the false veneer of a “Post-Racial America”, Roberts goes on to claim that thew country has changed and that the South has changed. With this false premise John Roberts has now opened the flood gates for southern states to do what they have been doing the last four election cycles and that is to repress voters. For example Roberts has even ignored a recent precedent of voter suppression that was being attempted in Arizona by having voters show proof of citizenship a case the Court struck down but a mere week ago. The implications of this ruling are particularly powerful with 2014 mid-terms elections approaching, the Southern States will now be able to openly and without any Federal oversight be able to implement racially charged voting law changes. Will we see the implementation of poll taxes on minorities? Will we see burdensome laws requiring and obscene amount of proof of citizenship or documentation, will we get to the point in some of the most racists part of the states where colored (Black and Brown ) need not apply when it comes to voting? The possibles have now opened up and Southern Legislatures are already chomping at the bit after years of being stopped and held back by Big Guvment.

This Decision was a clear act of treason. The Supreme Court realizes that the demographics have changed in this Nation. Electoral politics does not favor Conservatives in racial makeup. Not to mention with the Millennial Generation (which has a large minority makeup) poised to become more politically active than before within the next few years, this decision was nothing more than one last Hail Mary Pass by the Racist Tea Party influenced Court to be able to stem the tide of Progress. The ways elections are setting themselves up to be does not help the racist cause in America and only by claiming an end to Racism, can they actually have Racism continue to flourish in this “Brave New World”.

Treason, its a word that recently continues to be misapplied. While all Americans continue to fixate on a young man who was actually helping us retain our Civil Liberties, we are then distracted and forget about a group of Men who want to take our country back to darker times. In one fell swoop The Civil Rights Movement has been struck a huge blow, the Actions of this Court are tantamount to Treason! America stop fixating on Edward Snow den and take a glance at Robed Traitors that stand before you!

One thought on “The Real Traitors!

  1. Lawrence Odonnell, The Last Word, just did a piece on treason. It seems our constitution defines treason, and this is not it. We must be in a declared state of war, which we have not been in since WWII. Treason is aiding our enemy, as named iin a declared war, per Congress. Our last such declared enemy was the Japanese. We must be careful in naming something treason, then, because we are not in a declared state of war. Absent this declatered war, there is no treason, as defined by our Constitution.

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