Corporate Scam Artists: A Marriott Story


By Alberto Pupo

Corporations, they love to cheat, lie and exploit workers everywhere. Corporations dub themselves job creators, when in fact they re nothing more than another attempt by the privileged few to exploit those who are not so privileged. What follow is a brief but sordid tale. A real world example of how a large Corporation lies and cheats in order to deny employees or former employers their benefits. The story in this case is 100% true name, in order to protect the identity of this individual from any reprisal and for privacy reasons names have been changed.

Central Florida the “Land of the Mouse” and cheap labor. Jobs are often scarce in this area with hospitality being the largest source of employment in Orlando Florida. We follow a man who for all intents and purposes will call Brian. Brian took on a job with Marriott selling those lovely little time share vacations over the phone. The job itself was menial and offered a low wage, but since Brian lived with the reality of being part of the working class in an economically dilapidated part of a state which is not known for its high wages and great living standards, Brian would grin and bear it. The Marriott time shares like every other Corporate monstrosity had in a place a panoply of employer friendly policies and ridiculous quotas exerting under pressure on its employees from the very get go. However Brian is a master salesman, highly experienced who during his tenure with the company one many awards and achievements. However with every passing day Marriott in an effort to pay less commission and further exploit its labor started to impose higher quotas and standards to be met by its sales team. The raising of the bar created many employees to fold under the pressure, and even someone as experienced and talented as Brian was having a hard time selling a much maligned product (time shares) during an economic recovery. Naturally with the new standards in place and the pressure Brian was fired from the company.

The next part of the story should be mundane Brian files for unemployment from the state as he searches the meager Central Florida job market looking for a new source of income. Sounds simple right? Well the story now takes a different turn for Brian. Brian begins to receive letters from Florida’s unemployment office and curiously enough the paper work states that Unemployment benefits are being challenged and appealed by Marriott. The reason cited was that they claim Brian was fired for “misconduct”. This came as a shock to the system for Brian what forced his separation was nothing more than the inability to continually meet a ridiculously high sales quota of time shares. Brian had been a highly praised and touted employee, he never stole or defaced company property, never took any illegal substances while working, in reality his behavior and work ethic were often rewarded and praised. However now his unemployment benefit is being denied because the company was flat out lying and citing “misconduct” as a termination reason.

The conflict continued to escalate in an attempt to clear his name and reputation Brian was told about a telephonic hearing that would happen regarding the issue. During this Hearing he would represent himself against a few representatives from Marriott they will both tell their sides of the story and ultimately a decision will be made. When the hearing started Brian read a statement clearing the air and explaining that he had never engaged in anything that could be even construed as misconduct, he spoke about his past rewards and the reason for his termination from the company. When it was Marriott’s turn to speak the representatives hesitated to identify themselves as being from Marriott. They had in fact represented themselves to the Unemployment Agency as being a “ generic telephone room”. The representative who was conducting the telephonic hearing had never received any advanced warning or paperwork that she would be dealing with Marriott because they declined to give the company name, once Brian had outed them during the course of the Hearing the Marrriott’s representative began to sing a different tune. Suddenly there was a retreat on the whole “misconduct” situation and the word never came up again during the entire Hearing, their bluff had been called and it was over. Needless to say Brian ended up winning the unemployment decision and ended up earning benefits which should have never been challenged in the first place.

This once again shows the depravity and immorality of Corporate America. Firstly to deny this man his right to unemployment they lied about the reason of separation. Secondly the company declined to give its own name because they were completely aware the whole “misconduct charge” was a fraud from the very get go and did not want to have the “Marriott’s reputation” ruined. This is a micro example of something that tends to happen on a regular basis in America. Employers lie about the status of former employees and try to bluff themselves out of paying out unemployment benefits. What the Marriott was really hoping for was for Brian to ignore the letter he was receiving and that he would blow a deadline leading to an administrative type of default victory. Marriott knew it was lying about his job status but was hoping that they would be able to fly under the radar. Once again another tale of Corporate Lies., one that has become too common in the United States today.

Note to Readers: If you or a loved one have been denied unemployment benefits because of a similar lie and would like to share your story on our site please send us your story to so it can be featured on the Blog of Progress. Thank you.,

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