Work is Everything?


By Alberto Pupo

To work is ever important to the American man and woman . Working seems to be a task that gives meaning to the lives of many, it is what gives many of us a sense of freedom and financial security. The need and want for jobs is part of what propelled the average American to stand up and demand more jobs. The lack of jobs is what drove many Americans to the point of despair and why they want to elect leaders, who will provide them with more job opportunities. Sadly it is this American want and desire to work, that leads to exploitation and rampant abuse by those who are “job creators” in the spirit of job creating these individuals indulge in blatant exploitation and abuse of the American worker (much more prevalent in Right to Work States). These Captain’s of the Industry have high expectations and no regard for much of anything, below is an example of how these Captains of Industry truly feel about their “employees”.

Dear Staff,

It has come to my attention that there is a certain negative attitude running through the Company. There are rumors that people feel underpaid, unappreciated and beaten. There is talk that the pay is paltry for the excessive amount of hours that are being worked. Some employees are complaining about overtly expensive and paltry . This is an outrage. What I personally is that these “people” are full of shit. We bust our butts every day and all we get are complaints. People are always complaining about lack of pay, well too bad! The economy has not fully recovered. Hell in fact I had to sell one of my five BMW’s. As for this Health Care fiasco, its not my fault that your Black President decided to implement his Socialist Care. This is a Capitalist Country! Only the strong survive!

Instead of bitching you should read about great Americans like Ayn Rand and the Koch Brothers. Whenever the going got tough these pioneers (and Demigods) got tougher!. I don’t want to hear about your families, and babies, stop bitching! Hell stop being so lazy and complaining about an 80 hour work week this is what America is all about work, work work!

But I have a feeling a lot of this malarkey comes from this new Generation. These snot nosed entitled kids with their Masters Degrees dare ask me that I pay them appropriately, the Hell with it $7.25 is good enough, I don’t care how deep in debt you may be, its not my problem its happens to be yours for choosing to waste money indulging in some academic flight of fancy. America is all about working, working till you drop anything else is nothing more than some liberal pipe dream. There is a clear pecking in order in the world, we have the job creators like myself and then there is everyone else. The time has come for everyone to just accept their role in society.


(Name redacted for safety reasons).

2 thoughts on “Work is Everything?

  1. Purely and simply, and based on the discombobulated notions of loser Ayn Rand and those who find her clap-trap useful, those who already have wealth (often, as with Kochs, inherited) are inclined to the view that if you have the resources to impoverish and enslave others, then you have the right to do so. Unfortunately, we have been busy packing Congress with their running dogs.

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