Wayne LaPierre Defends Orlando Fl Shooting?


By Alberto Pupo

Gun insanity strikes again, in Orlando Florida; In a quiet respectable neighborhood (Baldwin Park). A routine traffic stop becomes leads into an encounter straight out of Rod Sterling’s imagination! A Police office gives a simple traffic infraction. A few moments later a man riding an electric scooter and wearing a ski mask runs a stop sign and crashes it in between a row of houses this leads into a scuffle where the assailant fires his gun attempting to kill the officer before being subdued. Here is the kicker… the assailant was none other than 63 year old William Cates, the same individual who had just received the traffic ticket! Yes ladies and gentlemen once again a story where gun ownership by an unassuming unlikely source leads to a strange attempt to get revenge. Now everyone is thinking what does the gun have to do with it? Well quite honestly the gun was nothing more than the key for this individual to take his action without a gun the bravado would not have been there to take such a course of action. Yet after this bizarre episode in gun violence Wayne LaPierre released a statement addressing the incident as he wanted to have a word in before the “gun control freaks” jump into the fray. Below is a statement from Mr. LaPierre……


Dear NRA Member,

Today’s event was a senseless tragedy and another reason why we need the 2nd Amendment.

It is incredible than officer of the law dared to ticket a law abiding gun owner. Not to mention as Mr. Cates was exercising his freedom of speech in continually running the stop sign the officer dared to confront him and through order from the Fascist Justice Department, went over to Mr. Cates to confiscate his God given Gun. Mr. Cates was a man protecting himself against an unreasonable officer (aka Government Brownshirt) who simply wanted to pry his 2nd Amendment rights from him. While to the untrained eye the actions may seem deplorable Mr. Cates in the traditions of George Washington and Patrick Henry was simply receiving a little bit of Liberty. We at the NRA have sent a strongly written rebuke to the Orlando Police Department. We want an explanation as to why this law abiding citizen was chased and hunted like a dog, just because he carried a weapon. It is sad that Americans want to attack the 2nd Amendment which has kept them free. The problem is Americans are confused by Big Government cronies who simply want to unarm us, who want to own us and tax us just like the British taxed the colonists.

William Cates is a Patriot and a God Fearing man. As head of the NRA I will do everything and anything, use every attorney and turn every stone to make sure that gun owners are not persecuted anymore. This incident is un American and an outrage, all because some kids got shot in Connecticut, all because us some people got shot in a theater its been one big Crusade against the NRA and against God Fearing Americans. These people owe all Gun Owners an apology, they have to remember that the 2nd Amendment is holy and above all responsible for all of our freedoms.

Please be sure to call and harass your Congressman, Let them know that you want Mr. Cates to see his freedom because it will be a victory for all gun owners. Free this man from the Yoke of Tyranny!


Wayne LaPierre

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