Complete Failure



By Alberto Pupo

Ten years ago since Shock and Awe. Ten years ago Millions of Americans watched apathetically as it was bombs over Baghdad. The Corporate Media was having a field day, the mass firepower raining down on an “evil dictator” brought a smile to the face of those with a penchant for blood. Two years had passed as the fog of 9/11 was lifting somewhat but American circa 2003 where a very frightened people. Saddam Hussein was being touted as Bin Ladin’s bosom body,the average America thought Iraq was a country on the verge of declaring Jihad on America. In retrospect the whole thing seemed ridiculous. A secular leader accused of religious extremism? In hindsight after all the reports, and interviews, books etc we are all certain Iraq was one gigantic disaster. A cataclysmic lost of human life, and a waste of resources, The Modus Operandi was clear, and the answer was simple it was all about the oil stupid (and even that backfired). Iraq was nothing more than the failed ambitions of Imperial Cowboy and his Gang.

NeoCons still feel like they did God’s work. A decade later and the denial of their failure is still apparent. Richard Perle and Dick Cheney have no regrets and feel fine for the disaster. Iraq was an absolute failure. First it started with an illegal unauthorized invasion which violated just about every Human Rights Charter ever crafted it was then follow with torture, looting and plundering and finished off with a useless occupation which destroyed the economy of a once economically sound Nation. Iraq and its fallout still haunts us till this day. What exactly did we accomplish? Despite a fool strutting about an aircraft carrier celebrating some sort of accomplishment, we accomplished absolutely nothing.

Our military bombed and destroyed and took the lives of millions of Iraqis whose only sin was to be born an “enemy”. Our Nation destroyed all their infrastructure and economy all in the name of “Democracy” or as we like to call it around here Oil. Meanwhile back at the home front Americans were subjected to daily helpings of embedded corporate reporters touting the virtues of the invasion and the pretty fireworks that turned so many lives upside down. While the Corporate Media cheered young men and women usually of lower economic status were sent as cannon fodder with the promise that what they were doing was right and worthy. Our young men and women killed others at the behest of the Bush cabal as the brat-ling emperor and his contractors continued with Colonization 2.0.

After many years of bleeding a Nation, bleeding our own young men and women and bleeding our treasury the people had enough. Eventually after the Bush Administration ran to the hills after inflicting so much pain. Obama finally did what was supposed to be done and got the troops out. It was a gradual process and not done all that quickly, the sad thing is after it was all said and done even the Obama Administration tried for a little while to play down the horror and absolute disaster that was the Iraq quagmire, which will ultimately be remembered as America’s biggest failure. With so much human life lost on all sides and tax payer money which literally disappeared into the desert air, this War was a nightmare. But what about that beautiful Iraqi oil? We got that didn’t we? Was it all worth it? Well not exactly the largest benefactor in that race is China who will soon have access to most Iraqi oil, (a Nation who was not even involved in the conflict).Ten years ladies and gentleman let us not forget this complete and utter failure.

One thought on “Complete Failure

  1. Those who claim the Iraq war was a failure are failing to recognize the reality of what the war was really about. That war and all the others have been an astounding success for those that own the U.S. government. They have transferred $3 trillion from the working class and poor into their pockets and offshore accounts. How much more success could they ask for?

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