Medical Marijuana in Florida?


By Alberto Pupo

The State of Florida, a state which for the last two election cycles has been desperately trying to shed its extreme social conservatism. A state which bled red and is now moving to a more liberal direction. Marijuana, for many conservatives a vile drug, and the root of all that is evil. Marijuana for long has been maligned as a gateway to harder drugs and a way to ruin lives and families. However in our current times the perspective has change there is a push of acceptance towards marijuana as it has many uses specifically when it comes to dealing with physical ailments. There is a push now being made in the State of Florida the former bedrock of conservatism so that marijuana can at the very least achieve status albeit for medical purposes.

Medical Marijuana for Florida in 2014? In a state that has always rejected any attempts by pot activists to change the status quo there is now going to be a major push made in 2014. This push for the next step in legalization comes from none other than John Morgan a famous Florida Trial Lawyer and political fund-raiser Mr. Morgan who has stated personal reasons for funding this initiative also knows that one of the largest barrier to the average activist is in terms of having the money to be able to place an initiative on the ballot. The state of Florida requires a large amount of signatures and then of course there needs to be promotion given to the state amendment itself. Putting Medical Marijuana and having it win in Florida would be a not only a tremendous achievement but with a state as large as Florida approving medical marijuana it takes the Country a step forward toward potentially achieving National legalization.

While the prospects of medical marijuana are exciting to the state of Florida and can also be beneficial to a state which has an again g population and many who are unfortunately suffering from crippling diseases, the initiative still has to face opposition from the social conservative mindset that still permeates. While the medical marijuana initiative does have some Republican support in the state there are still voices of opposition that will stand in the way. The “Reefer Madness crowd” still promotes misleading and scientifically inaccurate information about marijuana. Some still claim that it is a dangerous gateway drug that immediately will shift someone towards use of harder drugs. This opposition will still do whatever possible to stand in the way of medical marijuana, and even if the initiative is placed on the ballot they will fight it tooth and nail.

Medical Marijuana in Florida can be the beginning of National evolution. While some large states have already legalized medical marijuana and two have legalized marijuana those states would not have such an impact on the National fight as Florida would. Florida legalizing marijuana for medical purposes would be the first southern state to take such action. A state which still entertains and holds many conservative values despite the last two election cycles; its embrace of marijuana legalization of any form would only be a boon to activists. If a state like Florida can embrace Marijuana even if only for medicinal purposes it could lead to many staunchly conservative states in the deep south to follow suit and eventually pave the road for Nationwide legalization, as the conservative south is still a major barrier to legalization on a Nationwide scale. With this major ballot push by John Morgan another hopefully this will be enough for the initiative to pass and move forward towards a greater legalization.

2 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana in Florida?

  1. Hello,
    I am an ordinary citizen residing in St. Petersburg, Fl and a huge marijuana activist. How can I help in a case such as this? I would love to be a part of this movement in any way possible!
    Brittany Hazeltine

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