Tea Party vs. GOP Round 1?


By Alberto Pupo

Tomorrow is the State of the Union Address. President Obama lays out what will be happening for his second term. However this will be but a sideshow to the beginning of a massive Civil War.  In an attempt to upstage the President, GOP luminary, rising star and New Messiah? will be going head to head versus Ayn Rand  thumping, Tea Party Savior in Rand Paul.  Yes the Cuban Jesus versus the Prodigal Son! The two rebuttal speeches will be important not because of its content (which will certainly be lacking), but because it will be the official inception of the Grand Right Wing Civil War which will be kicking into high gear.

After the elections the Right in America is in shambles. While Corporations still hold power and sway, while lobbyists are still greasing the wheels of the Washington machinery, their mouthpieces are genuinely hurting. After running the most pathetic presidential candidate in years the GOP is on its heels. The Tea Party meanwhile has been faring no better. After the upstarts came to power in the tsunami of 2010, many have found that governance is messy business  and they lack the necessary skill to govern. Naturally the Right Wing has split as some want to moderate the party and expand the base, while others want to continue to go down a path towards the full embrace of Mein Kampf!

The truly interesting thing about this dual rebuttal, is that Marco Rubio at one point masqueraded as a Tea Partier. In order to become a Senator he used Jim Demint’s money. Now that he is in power though he is trying to take a different tact and is claiming to be a moderate.  Rubio’s political positions are mercurial and reminiscent of Romney during the chameleon days of the First Presidential Debates. On the other hand Rand Paul the son of Ron.. will be using Daddy’s name to ride the lighting and strike back.He will hearken back to straight no nonsense Ayn Randian ideals and principles, naturally the Tea Party does not believe in this whole widening of the base Mr. Rand hopes that the white vote will be more than enough to earn the Presidency.

The bumbling march towards 2016 will begin tomorrow night. Both candidates will dazzle us with the same useless rhetoric,  that will ignite a further rift between the Tea Party Wing and the GOP. What ever the outcome this Civil War will have a ramification and if it does escalate come 2016 we may have two parties not one similar to the Progressive Republican split  in American history, This Civil War promises to be fascinating so sit back and relax and watch the Right implode.

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