By Alberto Pupo

Pure Desperation, this is what describes the mindset of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Yes the actions are reprehensible, yes he has murdered and taken human life and nobody can simply absolve him for these killings. But what we as a people need to examine is What lead this young man to take such actions? What pushed him over the edge?  Mr. Dorner in a lengthy attempt to explain his actions does point to corruption and racism in the LAPD. Mr. Dorner once again is another sad case of a human being frustrated by the breakdown in justice which happens much too often in our society. A society which only brings forth justice to the mostly white and always rich and powerful.

Dorner’s manifesto breaking down the racially motivated injustice of the LAPD, is a testament to a reality that most Americans rather sweep underneath the rug. Racism while not blatant and open still permeates American society, and for many cases refuses to disappear. Racism  is still prevalent except now its more discrete and not as open. Still take a look at the Tea Party a movement that has brought back a resurgence of blatant White Power. While President Obama has been a disappointment in many aspects (particularly in foreign policy)  much of the hate directed at him is not so much a critique on policy as it good ole fashion racism.   In the Dorner situation we see the pervasive racism in the LAPD and how nobody tries to fix the problem.

The breakdown of political discourse and lack of options for the poor and middle class often creates violence. The truth is most crime is a byproduct of social injustice. What happens is when the downtrodden try to find legal avenues they are constantly denied, this leads to mass frustration, and in an American culture where guns are the norm of the day the desperation leads to the individual taking justice into his or her own hands vigilante style. This is precisely what creates that little evil we call terrorism, yes terrorism is an extreme reaction to injustices not cured through public policy.

So how do we as a people stop this epidemic of injustice? How do we make it right as a civilized society? If we wish to prevent this the answer is simple. We must strive as a society to make the political process more inclusive. We must allow the poor and middle class to have a chance at justice. Finally the year is 2013 and we must stop judging individuals based on race we are after all human.

One thought on “Desperation….

  1. Excellent point, Alberto. You hit the nail on the head. Progressives are still trying to rectify this situation that causes so much strife in America, but as you know, it’s one step forward, two steps back. The status quo unfortunately benefits too many of the people in power.

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