The Greatest Achievement?

By Alberto Pupo

The answer to the deficit has arrived. After all the bitter squabbling of the last three ¬†years, Congress in its infinite wisdom has found a solution. In what is hailed as a “bipartisan victory” and is supposedly ¬†strongly and hotly demanded. The United States Post Office has gotten rid of Saturday delivery. In doing this Billions of Dollars will be saved! More money will be put into valuable government functions like Corporate welfare and more drones and bombs!

The Post Office wants to do this proposals and Republicans want to oblige them and change the law which prevents this. Instead of discussing pressing issues like an endless Afghan Conflict, a dying Middle class and Drones! Drones! Drones! The New Congress in a renewed spirit of bipartisanship have found a way to save money. By cutting more public services which help the poor and middle class. The typical working class individual who still uses the post office will find themselves now with an extra day less of delivery. Now if something of importance does not come before Saturday it will have to wait till Monday. While this heroic action of bipartisan salvation seems like a good idea in writing, its really just another step towards cutting more government programs and privatizing America.

The worse part of this exercise is how its being hailed and trumpeted as a bold solution, The American people are being hoodwinked into limiting a service because it has not made a profit? Since when does government have to be a for profit institution? Why should the post office which is providing a service to the people care whether it turns out a profit or not. We need to stop running government agencies and programs and holding them to same standard of a corporation.Government is not a machine for profit, but to provide services to the people of this Nation. However rest assured because without that pesky extra day of delivery we as a Nation are on the way to getting rid of the Deficit.

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