Over and Over Again

By Alberto Pupo

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana

History is not the strongest subject of most Americans. In fact other than mathematics you will not hear more complains than the when it comes to the study of history. More often than not many believe it to be a simple tedious exercise dealing with memorizing of facts about dead people who have gone into oblivion. Yet history is what helps in our personal evolution towards a more civilized society. Any society which rejects the past continues to make this mistake. America for some reason is particularly lacking in historical understanding.

History is said to be cyclical, or have a pattern of some sort. Events that happen in the past play themselves out over and over again simply with different actors each time.  For example our current economic situation most closely parallels the Gilded Age. It was a time were the working man had no rights, union busting was the medicine of the day and massive Corporations controlled everything. This is an example of history repeating itself, as the politicians in our time have decided to emulate the laissez faire orgy which lead to the destruction of any sort of middle class leaving behind a chasm between the rich and poor.

History is also repeating itself with the introduction of a new weapon that will bring devastating consequences. The embracing and legalization of drone warfare smacks of the Manhattan Project. Once again we are going to allow a dangerous technology to destroy our society. In opening this Pandora’s box yet another monster will be unleashed.

Once again we the people are ignoring the patterns of history. Once again the past is thought to be nothing more than the past. We the people need to realize that the key to a more just and saner society is to learn from past mistakes so that we can evolve. To ignore these patterns and surging forward will only lead to more misery.

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