Killing in the Name Of…


By Alberto Pupo
So the DOJ release a hot new memo.. legitimizing lawful killing! ( Some killing is lawful?) Using the finest of Bushesque arguments the Justice Department has done the impossible they have  created two categories of killing!  The memo uses the term “lawful killing” as a way to justify assassination. Using clever, verbal manipulation the Justice Department sickeningly attempts to validate  Drone Warfare.


The memo even creates a three point test? to legitimize the assassination. It mentions that a high level official can make the determination? Yes not just just the executive branch but any “high level” official can kill at will. Naturally it is immensely disturbing to give these so called high level officials such a degree of power in determining who is a threat. After all remember the war crimes and abuses from the Bush Administration, remember when Colin Powell spoke of Mushroom clouds and the end of the world. Who is not to say that some  ”high level official” wont’ exaggerate the threat and conveniently put someone to death under the guise of “National Security“.

So once again the DOJ continues to manipulate reality. First by redefining torture. Now they take things to a whole new level by redefining killing. What can only wonder what concepts will be redefined next? Freedom? Liberty? Democracy? Stay Tuned..



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