Another Sex Scandal?

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By Alberto Pupo

Another Sex Scandal in the Senate? Its been a while since the people of this Nation have been distracted since Anthony Weiner’s Twitter Gate. This particular situation coming soon will once again feature a Democrat Senator. This time the subject of the investigation is Senator Bob Menendez. Since August thanks to an “anonymous tip from a concerned citizen” the FBI has been hot in pursuit of underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Just the mention of Senator and prostitutes is enough to make many around the country salivate in glee as they prepare themselves for another potential scandal!

The sex scandal is brewing. Already the Corporate Media is on the train of the evidence and the potential wrongdoings of the Senator. Once again its a slow time in the political world and this event is wedge between the President’s “skeet shooting abilities” and the Super Bowl. This is a scandal that once again has a clear cut target in mind a Democrat Senator. Pretty soon the fire and brimstone of the allegations will come up. Republicans will put their self righteous hats of condemnation and play Judge , Jury and Executioner. The Corporate Media will talk about “Hooker Gate” and wax poetic about the evils of bedding “young girls” in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile Republicans (who in secrecy engage in all sorts of similarly”perverse behavior” will be doing what they do best and moralizing about the situation at hand. Then of course the American people will have have no choice but to bear witness to the stories of the monstrous “evil Senator” and his wicked womanizing ways (whether there really were any under age girls or not), then during the course of the madness any real politics can casually and quietly be placed on the back burner.


The obsession with the sex scandal, is a major problem in America. Instead of worrying about whether or not a politician stands for the people and fights for their rights. It becomes more important to judge a man or woman based on their private behavior. The lure of the sex scandal in politics has a mystique to it. This type of scandal seems to be important to Americans who feel that a politician has to be a squeaky clean character facade wise (yet do not question the legislative policies of these individuals.). Sex scandals allow for the American person to point a finger at the “moral failings of other human beings”. People tend to place great stock on this sort of nature and tend to forget that what truly matters in the Senate is a person’s ability to govern and lead. In reality the people of the United States need only be concerned with the public and legislative side of a politicians the private lief of a politicians is not respected. And their moral failings become connected their legislative failures.

The American people then like to join the Corporate Media in a rousing game of make the individual apologize at all costs for private behavioral issues and then harp on its for days.With the sex scandal which is beginning to brew for Senator Menendez one can only hope its nothing more than GOP created hot air. If there is any shred of merit to the accusation at all in this case then expect another vicious cycle of calls for mea culpas from individuals who are not necessarily”clean” themselves. The sad news is that most people will not look at this objectively. People especially American people love a good sex scandal and love to take advantage and exploit at every turn. Hopefully in a society which definitely need to re-shift priority to more important things than an imaginary sex scandal.

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