The 1% Highjacking of the Super Bowl

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By Alberto Pupo

Yes it is Super Bowl Weekend. Yes it is true that while football is a violent game it is still fun and entertaining (yes this writer is a long time fan). However there is a problem with Super Bowl weekend and the types of or shall we say class of individuals who seem to be everywhere. Super Bowl Sunday has been taken away from the poor and middle class by the 1%. Yes the game itself has been hijacked and turned into a day of celebrating mass capitalism. The game has turned into a gathering of over privileged individuals getting hammered and working out business deals with a game going on in the backdrop. This is truly a sad state of affairs that has been hijacked from the average fan.

When the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers take the field in New Orleans they will be cheered by a large crowd of disinterested onlookers and Corporate Magnates who won’t even raise a cheer. The Super Bowl because of its extremely expensive ticket pricing shuts out true fans who may want to celebrate the achievement of their team. Gone from the crowd are the ravenous bunch, decked out in team colors, or colorful inventive costume of their own design. Gone are the boisterous dedicated group who have followed their team every Sunday. Instead the stands are filled with big name money, who know precious little about the game and are instead trying to find the next big business deal or plot the downfall of the every day worker. The Super Bowl has always had this reputation of being too expensive for the common fan. This cost prohibition forces the biggest supporters to have to stay home and watch, while the action is caught live by over privileged individuals who quite frankly do not care about what is going on with the game itself. This removal of the true fan gives the crowd a sterile tepid appearance, and rather than connect with the working class roots of the game, the crowd instead appears more akin to a Polo match than that of a “violent contact sport”.

But what is the reason for the prohibitive costs? Well other than sanitizing the crowd and portraying a privileged American society to the rest of the world (because heaven forbid we see the working class in face paint on prime time around the globe). The other modus operandi is that they want people to stay home so that they are forced to watch it on the advertising box. Yes the Super Bowl is a Capitalist orgy of epic proportions when it comes to Corporate advertising. The costs of Super Bowl ads is expensive and they need as many viewers as possible following the ritzy commercials featuring celebrity cameos, colorful, mascots and technical wizardry to rival any Hollywood film in 30 seconds or less (to the tune of 3.7 to 3.8 million). The people then compliant take to the social media outlets and rave about the cute dancing babies, or monkeys, or washed up movie stars and the company then waits for the money to roll in. The game itself has become lost in a deluge of the cult like following that Super Bowl Commercials attract as the drooling masses ponder on which new product will be the best, its time to keep the money rolling for Corporate America. Yet ironically while these Corporations blow millions of dollars in advertising they simultaneously turn around and complain about giving health care and benefits to employees, paying a proper salary and yes lest we forget those pesky unions ( look what they did to the game of football).

Football is not a sport of the 1%. It has working class roots and origins (and unionized as well).Football is a game that is enjoyed by individuals who belong to the 99% yet unfortunately even those who rabidly follow their team do not have enough money to go and attend the game to watch them play. Super Bowl Sunday should also be about the game itself and not an homage to Corporations. We the people need to take this day back and make the game our again. We need to have a Super Bowl where those who are not wealthy can have the opportunity to go watch their team play live and celebrate with them. This is something that needs to change and we need to think about this as we sit down at home to watch two teams play in front of a crowd that truly does not care to be there.

3 thoughts on “The 1% Highjacking of the Super Bowl

  1. If I watch the super bowl, a remote will be in one hand.Between plays I will hit the remote if there is any stoppage. This is bs. Perhaps something will come up so I don’t watch it. Thanks for sharing this .

  2. I completely agree with you and this assessment. I can’t wait for the Super Bowl to be in the cold this year because it will lesson this type of crowd. I do hate how the game has gone into the hands of the disinterested crowds and really enjoy the AFC and NFC Championships that much more. I glossed over it in my article here:

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