Ted Loves Joni

By Alberto Pupo

So after the mid-terms there are rumors swirling around Washington about Ted Cruz hotly anticipating the arrival of Joni Ernst. The Tea Party stalwart and resident loony toon is apparently smitten on an ideological level but foes it go beyond that? Well here is a letter ErnstCruzExcited_v1-705x470addressed to Ms. Ernst penned by Cruz congratulating her on victory and more?



Dear Joni,


Congratulations, on making it to Washington! I for one must admit to being a huge fan. Never did I think that another woman can be so beautiful and brilliant. I have followed your campaign with great interest, intrigued by your notion of making Continue reading

The Decision 2014 Edition


By Alberto Pupo

No this is not about Lebron James….

With their most recent  Decision The Supreme Court once again takes another aim at Democracy.
If you thought Citizens United was bad well the sequel is a hell of a lot worst. This time the fuck-you5 Conservative Bastards in the Court take their shot at all of those making below a billion dollars.
You do not mean anything unless you are wealthy! In fact this little gem came to our attention, it is an original draft of the Majority Opinion as penned by Scalia…. enjoy ladies Continue reading

The GOP Plan for 2016?



The following letter was communications intercepted from one Republican Strategist to the RNC about ways to get the GOP rolling again, will these strategies be implemented in 2016? It remains to be seen………

Dear, Mr. Preibus,

We need a plan. After the 2012 elections it is quite obviously that the country is not as white as it used to be. Unfortunately this is what the mixing of the races has done! Thankfully though we have an edge we have a few Hispanics who believe in the conservative claptrap, all we have to do is push Rubio and Cruz just a little, until we can gain some Continue reading

The Tea Party Strikes Back….


By Alberto Pupo


With the IRS “targeting “ of the Tea Party being the hot in thing. There was recently uncovered a letter that was sent to the IRS from a very irate member of the Tea Party who feels he has been wronged by the IRS merely because he is a member of the Tea Party. This individual belongs to a small Tea Party offshoot that was looking to become tax exempt but was turned down as being overtly political. The offshoot is called American Patriots For Liberty and Justice. They feel they should have been tax exempt and their wealthy operatives are pissed. Below is a letter sent to the IRS the words will speak for themselves……



Dear Big Guvment People, Continue reading

Work is Everything?


By Alberto Pupo

To work is ever important to the American man and woman . Working seems to be a task that gives meaning to the lives of many, it is what gives many of us a sense of freedom and financial security. The need and want for jobs is part of what propelled the average American to stand up and demand more jobs. The lack of jobs is what drove many Americans to the point of despair and why they want to elect leaders, who will provide them with more job opportunities. Sadly it is this American want and desire to work, that leads to exploitation and rampant abuse by those who are “job creators” in the spirit of job creating these individuals indulge in blatant exploitation and abuse of the American worker (much more prevalent in Right to Work States). These Captain’s of the Industry have high expectations and no regard for Continue reading

Mitch McConnell Vs. The World!


By Alberto Pupo

Mitch McConnell and his staff are breathing a sigh of relief! Ashley Judd is not running against him. Now Mitch can slowly and quietly move forward till reelection. However the problems for Mitch have just begun. Recently it has been exposed that in potential ethics violation McConnell has used legislative aids for purposes of campaign research to attack Mrs. Judd. This is a violation of ethics as the Senate handbook does not allow for such misadventures while on taxpayer time. Yet along with Mrs. Judd it seems like Mr. McConnell’s acolytes have been working on even more research on prospective opponents. A new memo was found about different prospective opponents and some preliminary Intel collected by Mr. McConnell’s merry crew…

Dear Mr. McConnell.

We have been working hard here to make sure you keep your job. Cletus and I have been hard at work search the Internet and trying to find dirt on those who oppose you or potentially will. The Continue reading

Wayne LaPierre Defends Orlando Fl Shooting?


By Alberto Pupo

Gun insanity strikes again, in Orlando Florida; In a quiet respectable neighborhood (Baldwin Park). A routine traffic stop becomes leads into an encounter straight out of Rod Sterling’s imagination! A Police office gives a simple traffic infraction. A few moments later a man riding an electric scooter and wearing a ski mask runs a stop sign and crashes it in between a row of houses this leads into a scuffle where the assailant fires his gun attempting to kill the officer before being subdued. Here is the kicker… the assailant was none other than 63 year old William Cates, the same individual who had just received the traffic ticket! Yes ladies and gentlemen once again a story where gun ownership by an unassuming unlikely source leads to a strange attempt to get revenge. Now everyone is thinking what does Continue reading

Chavez is Dead ! Long Live Exxon!


By Alberto Pupo

The below is a piece of correspondence obtained from an insider at Exxon Mobil, who mistakenly received this letter. It is from an anonymous Exxon Mobil Executive addressing the shareholders shortly after Chavez was pronounced dead. Below is what he or she had to say to the shareholders….


Dear Shareholder, Continue reading

Mr. Demint’s Farewell Address


By Alberto Pupo

Jim Demint the legend behind the Tea Party Revolution. A man whose reign of terror ushered in bumbling candidates like Florida Senator Marco how old is the Earth Again ? Rubio. (update since he has been slung around as a potential candidate he suddenly recalled somewhat). Demint has been part of an attempt to take the GOP from the inside, but now the man who laid the ideological foundation for Tea Party Madness is going to a more antural habitat to run the Heritage Foundation. With this new post he will continued to try and have failed policies implemented and continue to support candidates that will only usher more mediocre governance. Before he resigned from the Senate, Mr. Demint left behind a farewell address to his people. A message of hope. What we have is DeMint’s address to his breatheren as he heads over Continue reading

Mitt Unscripted


By Alberto Pupo

So the political world is buzzing as Romney shocks with his “off the cuff” remarks about Americans and dependency on government. Romney’s words during a fund raiser in front of his hedge fund buddies has once again delivered what is a potential final bow to a campaign that has “gone off the rails of a crazy train”. However Romney’s moment of truth is not the first time Romney sticks his foot in his mouth in front of a crowd of boosters. Besides this secret tape there has been a whole host of archives that came into my possession from a mysterious source. A list of different quotes that not even the Corporate Media has gotten their hands on. These are some other example of Mitt Continue reading