Rubio the Policy Wonk?

By Alberto Pupo

Policy wonk! Apparently certain sources are claiming that Marco Rubio is embracing policy as a way to the presidency? This is new strategy is all happening because Sugar Daddy Jim Demint has grown weary of the “rising star”.73-2



The truth of the matter is Rubio is devoid of original ideas and is a lousy statement.


Rubio’s one moment to shine Continue reading

Post Racial America?


By Alberto Pupo

Racism, is alive and well especially in Florida. In a case that was clear cut, a racist white man shot and killed a young unarmed African American high school student. This time there was no ambiguous confrontation, no dark obscuring the witnesses, or a police department that was racially charged in its motivations. The witnesses in this case were post_racial-name-tagalso nearly victims themselves! Yet in all its infinite wisdom, (and a love of racism) a Florida Jury refuses to convict a Man with the charge that was merited, this time circumventing law and causing a mistrial.

Michael Dunn, should have been found guilty of 1st Degree Murder. This case was clearly open and shut. There were no twists and turns and it Continue reading

Racist Florida Does it Again!

By Alberto Pupo

Ladies and Gentleman the Verdict has been officially announced in the Trayvon Martin, Case and a Jury has acquitted George Zimmerman! Yes Zimmerman walks. A man who followed, chased and harassed a young 17 year old unarmed Black Teenager. A man who in a gutless, act of of cowardice takes a gun out and takes a life with so much potential and promise. A man who hides behind Conservative Alec backed legislation, in one of the most racist cities in the very racist state of Florida. Yes ladies and gentleman an all WHITE Jury does what is expected, these so called “mothers” have freed a man who took the life of a child and took pleasure in it why? Because this young man was Black! Post Racial America you say? Voting Rights struck down because the Supreme Court claims the end of racism? Apparently the State of Florida never received the Memo! Continue reading

Corporate Scam Artists: A Marriott Story


By Alberto Pupo

Corporations, they love to cheat, lie and exploit workers everywhere. Corporations dub themselves job creators, when in fact they re nothing more than another attempt by the privileged few to exploit those who are not so privileged. What follow is a brief but sordid tale. A real world example of how a large Corporation lies and cheats in order to deny employees or former employers their benefits. The story in this case is 100% true name, in order to protect the identity of this individual from any reprisal and for privacy reasons names have been changed.

Central Florida the “Land of the Mouse” and cheap labor. Jobs are Continue reading

Wayne LaPierre Defends Orlando Fl Shooting?


By Alberto Pupo

Gun insanity strikes again, in Orlando Florida; In a quiet respectable neighborhood (Baldwin Park). A routine traffic stop becomes leads into an encounter straight out of Rod Sterling’s imagination! A Police office gives a simple traffic infraction. A few moments later a man riding an electric scooter and wearing a ski mask runs a stop sign and crashes it in between a row of houses this leads into a scuffle where the assailant fires his gun attempting to kill the officer before being subdued. Here is the kicker… the assailant was none other than 63 year old William Cates, the same individual who had just received the traffic ticket! Yes ladies and gentlemen once again a story where gun ownership by an unassuming unlikely source leads to a strange attempt to get revenge. Now everyone is thinking what does Continue reading

Medical Marijuana in Florida?


By Alberto Pupo

The State of Florida, a state which for the last two election cycles has been desperately trying to shed its extreme social conservatism. A state which bled red and is now moving to a more liberal direction. Marijuana, for many conservatives a vile drug, and the root of all that is evil. Marijuana for long has been maligned as a gateway to harder drugs and a way to ruin lives and families. However in our current times the perspective has change there is a push of acceptance towards marijuana as it has many uses specifically when it comes to dealing with physical ailments. There is a push now being made in the State of Florida the former bedrock of conservatism so that marijuana can at the very least achieve status albeit for medical purposes.

Medical Marijuana for Florida in 2014? In a state that has Continue reading

Here We Go Again…. Racist Florida Redux


By Alberto Pupo

Florida does it again! After the slaying last year of Trayvon Martin in a terribly and openly racist incident, a copy cat is on the prowl. Jordan Russell Davis, a young 17 year old black high school student killed because of loud music? This time a 45 year old white male named Michael Dunn instigated a fight and fired 8 to 9 times against an unarmed teenager an argument over “ loud music”. Naturally the shooter as embraced Florida’s beautiful Disaster the Kill at Will legislation known as Stand Your Ground (where apparently being black is enough to get you killed). Once again the state of Florida is thrust into the spotlight on an another blatant racial incident, involving guns Continue reading

Protesting Romney: A Battle Against the 1%



By Alberto Pupo

Under a scorching summer sun, a typical blistering Miami Summer’s day. In a part of town where its residents are of relatively low income brackets. Mitt Romney came riding on his chariot to grace the people with his presence The Bain Man himself came ready and we the people were there to greet them to make sure that he gets to hear what we have to say. Mitt Romney needs to be held accountable for all his actions ranging from his lack of paying taxes, getting money from Right Wing Death Squads and of course illicit campaign donations from foreign individuals abroad. Mitt Romney has done the improbable become a candidate that actually tops George W. Bush when it comes to imitating Mussolini. This time we the people would stand and make our voices heard, we the people fought against a man who is the embodiment of the 1%.

The crowds gathered and the tensions boiled outside the Continue reading

Federales , Purges and Dissent: A Koch Industries Southern Tale

By Alberto Pupo

After their purchase in Wisconsin the Koch Machine now sets its sights on creating an environment for stealing an election in Florida (how is that for dejavu). Led by Koch Industries South CEO Rick Scott, the state of Florida has been on an attack on the right to vote. The campaign which has been ongoing for a while has been reaching a point of frenzied within the last week. Rick Scott has tried to create legislation to restrict voters and then recently has started a purge on the voters in the state. Once again it looks like there is a sense of dejavu permeating from the Southern branch of Koch Industries.

Another election, another attempt at voter fraud. CEO Rick Scott recently launched a purge to clean up the voter lists and make sure all registered voters are indeed legitimate. Unlike the assault in 2000, those purges from the voter Continue reading

Racism and Guns Down South: A Tragedy

By Alberto Pupo

Racism is dead! The words have been declared for a while in America. Nobody wants to talk about race or face the issue. Anyone who feels discriminated is playing the race card and trying to gain some sort of sociological edge. Racism seemed to have been dead and gone until a tragedy in Florida.A White Man taking the life of a young African American Male. Once again the two races collide in a town in Central Florida. Clouding the situation further is a gun law which smacks of poorly crafted legislation. Once again down south the country that has vanquished racism is encountering a phantom from the past. This situation has left many confused and puzzled is racism still alive?

Trayvon Martin his death has now become symbolic of Southern failure. The gunman has yet to be arrested or charged with any such crime. The police of a little enclave known as Sanford Florida washed their hands much like Pilate and have unleashed Continue reading