The New American Aristocracy?


By Alberto Pupo

The Koch Brothers, They are on a mission to own all of America. They want our land, resources,  blood, first born etc. How can one family wield so much power? How can a band of brothers  bring Democracy to its knees? Using the power invested in them by the Corporate Court of America the Koch Brothers have been on a rampage. They are trying 8_koch_brothers_elkto not only control industry but control life in general?  They want to become overlords of the United States. IN a Nation which always took pride in Meritocracy why have we accepted this strange notion of aristocracy which has become the trademark of modern day America. For a Nation which reveres “independence” we have become acceptance of dependence of royal families? We Continue reading

Putin’s War (not America’s)

By Alberto Pupo

The Crimean Crisis! The Right continues to hammer the Administration. They rattle their sabers because they want blood. Republicans are an unhappy bunch if they are not blowing something up! It is simply a part of their violent nature and character. (perhaps to relieve their sexual frustrations). President Obama has been taking the right approach to the Russia issue. Instead of throwing our Nation into an unnecessary he has done the sane thing and remained on the outside of a regional conflict.

The United States need to turn a new leaf. We need to stop the whole notion of playing Global Cop and instead worry about the struggles of the people that reside within the borders of our Nation. The reason we often get thrown to to War is because the War Machine is often looking for an economic stimulus, and the Conservatives in Washington tend to be the ones that provide and procure these favors. Sadly War is Big Business and pic_giant_031814_SM_The-Crimean-Crisis-Continuesit is the only reason that human beings continue to engage in this frivolous useless butchery.

We need to stay out of this Crimean conflict at all costs! We cannot allow Conservative politicians to drag us into another useless war to satisfy Continue reading

War on Russia?


By Alberto Pupo

War is brewing in Russia. Is it time to call the world police? Has the time come for the United States to once again become embroiled in another conflict, one that is a relic from the Cold War era. With Sochi now ended it looks like Putin is gunning after the Ukraine. Meanwhile the hawks in Congress are remembering the glory days of fightingf Mother 1393712507000-AFP-527606986Russia, only this time we are fighting two halves of what was once an Evil Empire (brought to you by Ronald Reagan). The question is now beginning to pop up. Where is America? Where is the shock and awe that we are used to? Is Obama afraid of the great bear wrestler Putin? Should he make a move and sink us all into a nuclear wasteland? The pundits question and the people silently recoil in nausea at the thought Continue reading

Everything is Awesome?

By Alberto Pupo

“Everything is awesome”. The catchy tune fills the ears of children and adults alike taking them into a a whole new level of sensory overload. The eyes and ears are treated to a visual feast and whimsical nostalgia for the yesteryear as childhood icons for millennial parents come to life in sarcastic grandeur. The Lego movie is indeed a visual everythingisawesome-legomovie-lonelyisland-teganandsara-585x327feat for all ages, but taking a deeper look into the candy coated frenzy one will find that there is more than meets the eye. We are presented with philosophical and ideological questions that run deep beneath the surface and highlights what is wrong not just with American society but the whole Capitalist Global Movement. Continue reading

Let the Games Begin!


By Alberto Pupo

Let the games begin! The Sochi Winter Olympics are underway and with these games so come a nice heavy dose of Anti-Russian rhetoric and “hang Putin mentality”. Yes Mr. Putin is no saint, as his brutal anti-Gay and Lesbian Laws are horrid, and ancient. However the neo hated of Russia is something that has been building in America for the last decade or so (guess we miss the Old Evil Empire!). With the arrival of Sochi the cropped-sochi_2014_mountainsCorporate American Media can get back to what it does best good ole Soviet Commie hated! (Talk about a throwback Thursday).

The Sochi Olympics have been a controversy since they were announced. Coast to Coast, Americans feel betrayed that such an honorable tradition will be taking place in Continue reading

TPP Conspiracy?

By Alberto Pupo

“Mother can I trust the government?” Paranoia does a body good. Conspiracies are real, they are a legalistic term which basically mean to people trying to make a nefarious plot. Yet sometimes things happen right before our eyes and most of the American people don’t bat an eye lash. Free trade deals are fast tracked, hands are shaken in smoked filled

TPP-bannerrooms, and Corporate CEOS jet to some sort of exotic locale to begin their mission in exploitation and wonder. Enter TPP a nefarious Conspiracy not just affecting us in America but affecting the world.

Trade Deals, are supposed to provide benefits. “Free Trade” The largest misnomer in the history of International Policy and Law. It started with NAFTA, but it has been expanded Continue reading

Attacking Syria is a Tragic Error!


By Alberto Pupo

As America prepare for Iraq the sequel.. er Syria. We the people have to sit back look at this travesty and watch history coming dangerously close to repeating itself. Once again ten years after the initial disaster , a decade yet apparently we as a Nation do not learn our lesson. Going into Syria is a tragic mistake, the bottom line is that nothing productive will come from involving our Nation in another war for a variety of reasons. Yes the first and most important reason is that war in itself is an aberration of human nature and does no good to any of the parties involved. Ideologically driven Pacifism aside there are a host of other reasons why America must stay out of Syria.

This is a Civil War- Yes as sad, tragic, destructive, etc as the conflict may be it is a Civil War that has been going on for years now. The dispute is between different parties with a competing vision of governance for their own country. America cannot get involved in an internal dispute. Not only is it not prudent due to a lack of understanding of the culture and internal politics of the Syrian Nation, but also because as an outsider looking in, an outside Country should not ever dictate policy and governance to any Nation,

An attack will only Kill more Innocents- Whether we want to acknowledge it or not missiles are destructive weapons. When these weapons are fired down from the Continue reading

Globalization Killed the American Worker!


By Alberto Pupo

Globalization has destroyed the American worker. The opening of global markets has created a monster that may be too difficult to stop even if attempted. By opening the global labor market to American Corporations these monoliths have discovered the art of the low wage, non-unionized, sweatshop worker. Labor abuses have flourished and thrived in different parts of the world creating a potential model for the future 21st Century American worker. How did it comes to this? How have these Corporations made it so that the American worker has undervalued itself to the point of accepting, sub standard wages? This is a sordid tale that begins with a Crisis.

The Recession (or Great Depression 2). The American economy which was severely weakened due to Wall St. created a sense of panic in America. Individuals who for many years were used to the wild idea of job stability, suddenly find themselves Continue reading

The Snowden Affair: A Parallel World?


By Alberto Pupo

Today we have come to the realization that we must be living in some sort of alternate reality. In a Fringe like episode, the World we live in is an alternate version of what should be. Today a young man is granted political asylum, by a Nation which was formerly regarded as an “Evil Empire”. A Nation that is headed by a man who was a member of the KGB. This young man is a Native born American, A Nation that since its inception has fancied itself as a “Beacon of Democracy”, a Nation where others have sought and received political asylum when prosecuted by an overzealous tyrannical government. The tables have now turned America has become that overzealous tyrant, searching desperately for its blood sacrifice. The young man’s crime? Continue reading

Morals in Politics?


By Alberto Pupo

Morality, Fort some reason seems to play a role in the political and social world. The very definition of morality is often mercurial and subjective depending on the eye of the observer. Globally morality for some reason always creeps is way into governing. It is something that takes on different roles and meaning, and has different interpretations. Once again with the return of Anthony Weiner to politics so comes the question of morality and leadership? Once again new scandals and allegations arose about Weiner continuing his “immoral ways” even after the Twitter scandal. Morality also crept its way into the politics across the pond as David Cameron in an outburst of righteous fury wishes to Ban Pornography in England.. Once again the morals of political figures come to the forefront Continue reading