ISIS, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

By Alberto Pupo

The Muslims are coming quick hide behind the Donald’s wall!   It started in Paris and really picked up steam in Cali, What was once just  a varsity league Al Queda” has now become a bonafide threat… the Country is in Defcon 6 and the Neo Crusaders are chomping at the bit to invade the Holy Land for more crude. Meanwhile the Media is engaging in what they U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Sarasota, Floridado best fear mongering and polls about how we have been fear mongered? Is this the new normal in America? To see a Caliphate underneath every bed? Meanwhile America crumbles and Corporations continue to their own brand of domestic terrorism.

Nothing creates a Fascist like a Continue reading

A Greek Tragedy

By Alberto Pupo

Greece, once again your attempt at Democracy becomes a tragedy at the end. After an uproarious and jubilant rebuke by the people against the bankers, the EU basically tells Greek fuck the people Austerity is here to stay. A Party which had promised a “new deal” for the people instead has found itself defeated and having to beg the bankers to give them greece-austerity-apanother bail out. The deal is once again a neo-liberal beauty chockfull of Austerity and much more privatization to come, the saddest part about the Greek Deal is that only a few days before the people had completely repudiated this deal. Yet how dare Democracy stand in the way of Capitalism right?

Austerity has been devastating much of Europe the last few years, but one of the hardest Continue reading

About Time…

By Alberto Pupo

Cuba is coming off the terrorism list. An island Nation 90 miles away which has been at war with America long past the fall of the Soviet Union. The embargo on this island is a failed, vindictive, col war relic that is thankfully and mercifully being put to an end. Yes while an individual with the last name Castro rules the roost it is about time that this cuban_american_flag_v2-2-325x200situation comes to an end. Despite the fact that the Government has not suddenly adopted “market capitalism” this is a necessary step forward. There is absolutely no reason for normal relations should not exist between both Nations considering the Cold War has been long gone for a long time and only the people of the Cuban Nation are hurt by the Continue reading

Endless War?

By Alberto Pupo

War…. This seems to be an ongoing part of the fabric of our Nation. America prides itself on a fierce and powerful war machine, and when there is no enemy in sight or one is nearly defeated (Al Queda for example), there is always a necessity to create a new enemy. That new enemy is what we so lovingly call ISIS. A group of young jihadists, with endless-wara blood thirsty penchant for dramatic beheadings broadcasted around the Globe via the internet. While they are but a small ragtag group their visceral violence has been enough to elicit responses from National governments (for example the Jordanian king). However in a show of restraint and surprising maturity America has not been falling for the bait that is until recently. Now after avoiding the conflict the Obama Administration in order to placate the War Machine has been proposing a war on ISIS, so now we have entered a debate on whether or not we should Continue reading

There is No Denying It!

By Alberto Pupo

There is no denial this time. 400,000 thousand strong, with one single message “We must stop Climate Change”. September 21st, 2014 the largest march against regarding the issue of climate change occurred. The turn ut was unprecedented and those in attendance, a mixed variety of individuals marched forth with a hope that the policymakers got the message. The march is an indicator that the people of this nation are finally coming around to a reality, which right-wing leadership has been trying so desperately to deny. The truth is plainly evident the people have become sickened by the 140921_peoples_climate_march_msm6_3281fact that there is no action taken, so now the people are standing up in order to change this.


Last time they marched in the streets in New York en masse we witnessed the birth of Occupy, and the struggle against Wall St. Yet while the message in 2011 was to call inequality, this new message is to call out those who deny reality in an attempt to save our environment, The people of this Nation feel that not only are Corporations ruthlessly digging Continue reading

NEWS FLASH: WE ARE ALL SCREWED! How Everyone is Stuck on the Same Lonely Floating Rock in Space

By Leane Pupo

I woke up today and heard the news that Scotland is sticking with the rest of the United Kingdom. Some may ask, after hundreds of years of bloodshed, culture clash, and visionary differences, why would Scotland vote to stay? Is this another re-count issue? Was the election rigged by the Evil Queen? Is this Stockholm Syndrome?  peace20on20earth20hands

I do not often take political stands on anything or speak openly. Not because I am frightened by my own views, but because I am frustrated by all the bickering around the world. I do not mean to sound ignorant nor naïve; however, when the hell are we all going to put down the pitch forks and pick up the pens? I realized many, many, years ago that we are Continue reading

ISIS: Fact or Fiction?

By: Alberto Pupo

The age of Al Queda is over! Introducing ISIS the latest terror group who will be coming after us. Just when it seemed that this “war on terror” has been put to rest, the Right-Wing is busy at work creating our new monster. It seems that every decade or so America needs to engage in some sort of conflict to forget all the inequality and problems that are plaguing us as a nation. In plunging our Nation into a new paranoia the Conservatives are trying to help America forget just how much damage they have done to our Nation. isis_graphic_mgnInstead as we approach the 2014 midterms they want to plunge us into the ignorant dark age and paranoia that was the war on terror, this is being done as a way to justify the very existence of their political philosophy.


The conservative mindset has been on a death spiral for quite some time. Since the War on Terror is no longer the grand concern of Americans people are now faced with the reality of the failure of conservative governance. People have realized that all conservatives like to do is fight endless wars to line their pockets and with the focus shifted Continue reading

Time to let go?


By Alberto Pupo

So here we are again singing a familiar refrain! America is back in action in Iraq. This week airs trikes have been authorized over Iraq. The target? Cobra… er ISIS (the latest terrorist organization of the month). This time the agenda is different and has a new twist. Wheres as the original assault in Iraq was to “ spread democracy”. The latest venture offers a more human twist in “stopping genocide”. This time the motive seems to have a less selfish and imperialistic tune, yet underneath the new shiny coat the motive still 1407532785000-iraq-airstrikes-explainedunveils one basic fundamental truth, We as a Nation simply cannot stop the urge to Bomb Iraq. It seems that for all the spin the “lessons of Iraq have not been truly learned and once again we are stumbling into an abyss.


Iraq has been an American stomping ground since the early Nineties. For almost thirty years our nation has been embroiled in some form of active conflict against this nation. Sadly the truth is that Iraq is a helpless situation. It was a Nation invented by the British empire as they combined and mashed up individuals of different cultures, religions and ethnicities and randomly mixed into a Continue reading

Back to Iraq?

By Alberto Pupo

Back to Iraq? Like a bad flashback it seems that there is widespread sectarian violence on the rise. Upon hearing of this the Neo Cons are salivating at the thought of another war. A chance to redeem themselves for the absolute waste of human life and finances. The American people for the last decade have been trying to move away from this quagmire. b2ilogoWhy is there this sudden rise of violence in Iraq? Is this an unhappy coincidence ? Or is there more to the sudden emergence of this “terror group” onto the scene?

The last three years has seen the American military moving away from excessive war (slightly). There has been talk about budget cuts, and reducing the size of the military. This however does not bode well for the “Lords of War”. CEOS who run the massive war machinery are fretting as their Continue reading

A Deal With the Devil?

By Alberto Pupo

The Deal with the devil? “ Five high end “ Taliban prisoners freed in exchange for one miserable POW!


Oh the humanity! Stop the presses, call for impeachment! Start the hypocritical rantings from an old dinosaur who was a POW himself! The Bergdahl situation is the latest craze. After Benghazi, and the IRS “scandal” turned out to be a bummer. After their inability to milk the VA “scandal” the Conservative movement has found its new scapegoat Idaho Hometown Of Released Army Solider Bowe Bergdahl Celebrates His ReleaseBergdahl. But what does this exchange really mean? Is it an indictment at the recklessness of the Obama Administration? Or is it an indictment an the Bush Administration, and further proof that the “War on Error” was nothing more than an expensive bloodletting at the expense of the American people.


The only POW captured in Continue reading