The People Demand Progress!

By Alberto Pupo

This is the end of the status quo. In what has been a strange and vicious primary fight, several things have become evident. The people are tired of politics as usual and have a desire to embrace a more Progressive America. This is not a spontaneous overnight reaction. This all started with Occupy Wall St., while the occupations were violently brought to an end (via the corrupt use of the Patriot Act), Americans everywhere awoke to dna-progressive-societythe realization that our economic system was corrupt and rigged for 1% of the Nation. Now we have a candidate who supported and endorsed the movement when everyone else decided to engage in political cowardice and support their Corporate Donors. Now in 2016 there is a golden moment the Republican Party is in shambles with no clear leader and there is a candidate in Bernie Sanders who can usher in Continue reading

The reason for Trump

By Alberto Pupo

Anger, hatred, and bullying behavior. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been one “lovefest” away from causing a full-blown civil war. Things are so out of control even CNN 23-reality-trump.w529.h352is starting to take note of the recent madness in Chicago. Naturally Mr. Trump blames everyone else but himself for this mess, but is he responsible for all of this? Is there another Party that shares the responsibility for this spectacle? Unfortunately, the answer is in the mirror.

Do Americans have a fetish for notorious celebrities? The more inane the capers, the more Americans coo over their desire to share in their fantasy world. Almost two decades ago now “reality tv” first hit the United States courtesy of MTV. It was supposed to show what happens “when people stop being polite and get real” This craze went on to spin various “reality scenarios” that have captivated Americans. As viewership increased so did disdain for other literary pastimes like reading and Continue reading

Domestic Terrorism = White Privilege

By Alberto Pupo

Want to overthrow the government? Take the law into your own hands waltz into a Federal facility with no resistance? You can do this, if you are a true red blooded white male. The Oregon siege is currently a very quiet and natural embarrassment as a group of anti-government insurgents have simply taken over a federal facility. Meanwhile the Federal Government sits back because after all “they are just good ole boys never meaning no tumblr_njxngu2HAJ1trs6fyo1_500harm”. By contrast any group of non-white individuals would have been captured branded terrorists and sent to Guantanamo or to make matters easier simply shot on site.  Does white privilege now allow for an individual to commit acts of domestic terrorism without legal consequence? We may have just hit a new low.

Since the beginning of 2016 the Bundy and company have been Continue reading

Do Not Give in to the Fear in 2016…

By Alberto Pupo

The new year has arrived. After a long drawn out orgy of polls and Trump madness, this year an ultimate decision will be made as the Obama era comes to a close and we begin anew with a blank slate. The choices this year are interesting because for the first time in forever? (Don’t sue me Disney), the Progressives of America finally have a legitimate 12230914_1651822955086556_1989907803_ncandidate who wants to serve the people for a change. However all is not rosy as there are still pockets resistant to change and a “safe candidate” standing in the way of true positive change coming to America.

Bernie Sanders must prevail. Some way somehow the United States cannot afford to allow the golden opportunity to slip away.   If things go well at the ballot box we have the possibility to have a Middle Class resurgence in America. With a resurgent Middle Class (while this will not herald the end of inequality), it will be a shift in the right direction after Continue reading

ISIS, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

By Alberto Pupo

The Muslims are coming quick hide behind the Donald’s wall!   It started in Paris and really picked up steam in Cali, What was once just  a varsity league Al Queda” has now become a bonafide threat… the Country is in Defcon 6 and the Neo Crusaders are chomping at the bit to invade the Holy Land for more crude. Meanwhile the Media is engaging in what they U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Sarasota, Floridado best fear mongering and polls about how we have been fear mongered? Is this the new normal in America? To see a Caliphate underneath every bed? Meanwhile America crumbles and Corporations continue to their own brand of domestic terrorism.

Nothing creates a Fascist like a Continue reading

The Head vs. The Heart

By Alberto Pupo

“He is un-electable”, “He can’t win”, ” He is a socialist”. These are the slurs that are often bandied about Bernie Sanders. There is this incredible fear that if Sanders wins the primary that somehow  Donald Trump (or some other bozo) will rail road him in the General Election ushering 4 years of Republican rule (guaranteed).  Because of this fear db795362b1c911e1af7612313813f8e8_6some Democrats a more Progressive bent who ideologically stand with Sanders are fleeing to the arms of Hillary Clinton, “the sure bet”. This is the “Head vs. the Heart”, where people are implored to forget what they desire and go the one who will secure the win. This sort of mindset is what has gotten our Nation into trouble many times, when we try to jump on the bandwagon of a certain winner rather than go with someone who represent the people.

Hillary Clinton is rising in the polls, Continue reading

Holy Hypocrite!

By Alberto Pupo

It is quite sickening, Kim Davis embattled County Clerk, taking a stand against Oppression, emulating the very Jesus she claims to believe in. Her actions are heroic! denying the Civil Rights of  the LGBT community is a sign of a true hero, thee is a place in Heaven right at the side of the Lord. Like Nelson Mandela once did she stews  in a jail cell Davis.Kim_because she fought for what was right the right to oppress.

The Supreme Court only a few months ago settle the score on marriage equality. Because it is the highest court in the land their decision cannot be easily ignored especially those who are part of the Court System. Kim Davis is no hero, she is a hypocrite who broke the law, hiding behind white privilege in a highly conservative state, hiding behind the mask of Christianity a very common hiding place for those of criminal intent who love to Continue reading

Before You Vote Consider This

By Alberto Pupo

Scandals continue to grow for Hillary. Bernie is catching up waiting in the wings. What was to be a 2016 coronation party, may simply turn into 2008 redux. It is still early but it seems like people are beginning to see that Hillary may not be the right choice in 2016. One thing though that makes many develop a soft spot for Hillary is the quiet desperation among maxresdefaultwomen to finally have America breakthrough the glass ceiling at the highest political office. However while this is what many females want is voting based on gender or platform a smart thing? The following new blog post below (courtesy of new blog Mom No Filter) shows a female perspective on a Hillary candidacy and quite frankly the way a true progressive woman should approach voting. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders is The Real Deal!

By Alberto Pupo

Bernie Sanders is the real deal in 2016. Unlike every other candidate who is running in 2016 Bernie is not merely offering empty rhetoric only to sell out to billionaire donors, but instead Bernie Sanders has always been true to convictions and has been politically consistent as a public servant for 30 years Because Bernie Sanders is the real deal he is now drawing the attention of the others in the presidential race (and their supporters)m who are trying to desperately bring up several narratives as to why Bernie cannot legitimately win the White House in 2016. Let us now explore the false narratives that bernieBernie is facing.


Nobody knows who Bernie Sanders is – This preposterous charge is laughable at best. Bernie Sander has been a mayor, House Representative, and Senator. The man has over 30 years of political experience in fact more political experience than all of his challengers. Bernie while campaigning around the Continue reading

GOP Debate or Funeral?

By Alberto Pupo

The show is officially underway. The GOP debate kicked with a bang. In a stage with 10 men there was not a single valid idea. As each man involved tried to pander to a different segment of the base. This debate however did prove that the Republican party is not a rising force, but it is a party that is clearly going the way of the Whigs right into extinction.


The debate was full of bluster and Hilary bashing. Among the verbal fireworks the substance of any sort of coherent governing policy was lost amidst the sea of bragging and vague promises. Conservatism as a philosophy inherently demands that nothing changes therefore we continue to get a retread of tired ideas sometimes interrupted by the dead_gopnaive and contradictory talk of the non-politicos in this case Ben Carson and Donald Trump. The average American however was hard pressed to find any new ideas or policies that may actually prove to be helpful. As a party though it is clear that the unity which is a Republican characteristic was not evident in any sort of coherent party plank and this can prove to be fatal in a general election.


Pundits will try to declare winners, but on this evening there were no winners but instead degrees of losers. Which individual managed to have the most credible responses to Continue reading