Hillary Clinton: The right choice for 2016?

By Alberto Pupo

2016 belongs to Hillary Clinton? The general trend among those leaning left has essentially been to pave the way for a candidate who has yet to even officially enter the race. But is Clinton the right choice for progress? Would a Hillary presidency move our country ever leftward, or leave us in a stagnating centralism masquerading as progress?


The desire to see a woman president is strong among most of the left especially progressive circles. Yet truthfully as of this time the only viable potential female candidate Hillary-Clinton-2016-400x262is Hillary Clinton. The truth is if not for the emergence of the Obama machine Hillary would have wrapped up the presidency especially after the disastrous Bush years. Hillary Clinton to many on the left does not represent a true progressive shift other than the ability to break the cycle and have the United states elect their first female president. While a female president may give us a different perspective and help empower women in general, is it enough to choose a candidate that had more conservative policies than Obama? With the massive push for Hillary the professional left is also Continue reading

Misinterpreting the 1st Amendment?

By Alberto Pupo

Freedom of Religion, a very power clause granted by our First Amendment (the second most important one after the Right to bear arms for some of America). This very concept of worshiping as you see fit and without interference has always been an important part of our Nation for those of faith. However the concept of Freedom of Religion is getting abused in our Nation. What was once a legitimate right, is being used as a blunt tool of control and domination by the Right-Wing. Now as currently interpreted by Conservatives images“freedom of religion” has become a blanket to allow for discrimination and hate to thrive. “Freedom of Religion” in its new interpretation has become a vehicle to attack women and the gay and lesbian community. This new interpretation has also been allowed by a Supreme Court who has helped to give legal backing and spin Continue reading

The Supreme Court vs. Congress: Who has Damaged America More?

By Alberto Pupo

Who is the most corrupt? Which branch of government has done the most damage? Yes while the Executive Branch from 2001-2008 was a source of devastation the last 8 years have not necessarily featured the same outright fascist imperialism (despite what some may think). Instead the last 8 years has featured a battle royale between the other two scalesbranches of Government Congress and the Supreme Court. Each of these branches in the last 8 years has brought forth their own little bit of disaster and has negatively impacted American society. So let us take a closer look at who has fucked the people the most!


Congress- Yes ladies and gentleman, these are the people elected to craft our laws! Since the United States is a Nation that is so hellbent on the “rule of law”, the role of Congress is vital to keeping our Country moving forward. Poorly crafted legislation can Continue reading

Burning out in America

By Alberto Pupo

Work! We in America are all work and no play.. and apparently a country of dull boys and girls. The good Capitalist prides itself in his or her work ethic. A good Capitalist must keep the wheels of Capitalism burning and the bank accounts of Corporate leadership flowing Burntoutwith more and more money. To the American psyche work equals money. However when it comes to productivity we as a Nation are not quite number one. Furthermore we are quickly burning ourselves out. There is no time for family, there is no time for leisure, and the way America is heading there will be no retirement. The Capitalist wheel will eventually grind us all until there is nothing left, and even so the government will not do anything to buck this trend.

When it comes to highly industrialized Nations America is not very good on vacations. Unlike a Nation like Switzerland who boasts 28 Federally mandated vacation days the Continue reading

The Ballad of Eric Cantor

By Alberto Pupo

So long Eric Cantor, In a primary that nobody saw coming (not even Cantor), a Tea Party nobody (with the surname Brat) has ousted Cantor. This has been an extremely sharp and quick end to his political career eventually leading to his stepping down from being House Majority leader (and into arms of Fox News (an Iron Media Triangle). In the end 140611022202-eric-cantor-story-bodythough it was a beautiful Karma, and one of the most influential Republicans in Washington D.C is gone from the world of legislating and into the becoming a talking head. Is this is a good thing? Will David Brat take his seat and give the Tea Party an edge? Will this backfire on all of those who believe in a more Progressive society? Continue reading

Sex in Politics?

By Alberto Pupo

Sex! Sex sells and most of America is buying. Whether to revel in its glory and pleasure or to cast out the sin in the name of God, sex is often a hot topic in our society. Politics to many Americans is a tedious bore, but go into detail about the tawdry affairs of your local Congressman, and there is a collective licking of the chops at the thoughts of the seamy Sex-Scandaldetails. How torrid was the affair? Who wore whose knickers? What is it a same sex affair? Did it involve a porcupine? The sad reality is that even the most apolitical suddenly become interested in the world of politics when there is some sort of sex involved


President Obama is a bore to many. Continue reading

Women! Who really needs them anyway?


By Alberto Pupo

Women, who really need them anyway? Who really a creature who per Judeo Christian tradition was merely an afterthought from our ribs! Who really needs a weaker sex, who causes more trouble than not. We need to embrace our paternal society. Bring back the notion that women do not matter. Because of this a war on women is waged on a daily War-on-Womenbasis.


The war on women rages further. There seems to be this notion that a woman is of little value to the world in general. Man wants women to understand this and on a daily basis the Conservative man embraces these paternalistic outpourings of misogyny. After all what are women but mere creators of life? Women to the Conservative men are possessions. Like an aesthetically pleasing vehicle a woman is pure candy and fodder for the chums to trade gossip on. She is the candy that draws the attention to the Continue reading

Corporate Lies!


By Alberto Pupo

The people are weary of Corporate lies. The people are weary of overly privileged (mostly white men) individuals hiding behind the law and committing crimes against humanity, animals, and the environment. Corporations need to be done away with. The whole notion of hiding behind a fictional legal creation with zero accountability is not  ethically and morally wrong. Whatever happened to a person or group of people owning a business but bigstock_fingers_crossed_mono_20810846being held accountable for their practices and impact upon our society? Whatever happened to people being able to identify and build an actual  relationship with those who provide goods or services to them? We must move away from this era of zero accountability and corporate crime and learn how to progress as a people.

Corporations are nothing more than vehicles for crime. Most fraudulent activity is either done by a corporation or someone associated with a corporation.  Corporations have an ill conceived Continue reading

A Corporate Spring

By Alberto Pupo

American Spring? A grass -roots movement to fight the tyranny of government? Once again the Tea Party desperate to save and preserve their lie, was trying to get together a mass protest movement in their continued efforts to create a Corporate Spring! The enemy of freedom is obviously government, and the Tea Party is trying to encourage rebellion at any given moment. Yet what is the ultimate agenda of this “freedom loving welfaregroup”. So you take down a government and replace it with what? What is the purpose of this Corporate Spring.

Government is the enemy of the people. This is the message the Tea Party has been touting since a black man took office. During the Bush Continue reading

North Korea and the Tea Party: Birds of a Feather?


By Alberto Pupo

Tea Party and the North Korean Government, two very different types of people? Or birds of a feather lovingly flocking together? The recent remarks from the North Korean  Daily about President Obama sounded terribly familiar. The racist screed when translated to English conjured up images of the Tea Party faithful and comments made at Tea rallies. teapartysign1sm1 Naturally the shared antipathy towards black people also diverges in the antipathy the two feel for each other.  This is just another fine example of horribly ironic life can be and how cognitive dissonance plays a role in our world. Th comments also show once again  the fallacy of pure race theories  and how divisive it is in our world. Continue reading