The True Threat to America

By Alberto Pupo

This past week while the leadership in the United States obsessed with coming war with ISIS. There was a second event with a potential for greater immediate impact that was not quite as heavily reported. The outcome of this event will ultimately have an impact oh the type of political leaders that are elected. Thee was an attempt to introduce an amendment citizensbuckley7-26-12banto overturn the Citizens United Decisions. This particular amendment is something that would have very important ramifications as it can once again allow for the political process to serve the people rather than hurt the people as it has been doing since 2010.


While it seems that terrorism was affecting all the political conversation of the day, there was a proposed Continue reading

The Myth of Equal Opportunity

By Alberto Pupo

Equality, that is a “ Communist concept”. Americans are sometimes insulted by the very notion that people should be equal. Should people of varied talents get paid the same? Should those who work harder make as much money as a slacker? The nature of the American people is supposed to reward those who work hard and are industrious, this is the foundation of the so called “American Dream”. When Americans mention equality they EOheadermean equal opportunity. In America it is important that everyone has the same chance to improve his or her life. But the reality is that the very notion of equal opportunity is in itself misguided, as this very notion is nothing more than a pipe dream.


We the people should all have the same chance at success, and in America we all do. This is the myth conservatives have been propagating for years. Whenever the see Continue reading

ISIS: Fact or Fiction?

By: Alberto Pupo

The age of Al Queda is over! Introducing ISIS the latest terror group who will be coming after us. Just when it seemed that this “war on terror” has been put to rest, the Right-Wing is busy at work creating our new monster. It seems that every decade or so America needs to engage in some sort of conflict to forget all the inequality and problems that are plaguing us as a nation. In plunging our Nation into a new paranoia the Conservatives are trying to help America forget just how much damage they have done to our Nation. isis_graphic_mgnInstead as we approach the 2014 midterms they want to plunge us into the ignorant dark age and paranoia that was the war on terror, this is being done as a way to justify the very existence of their political philosophy.


The conservative mindset has been on a death spiral for quite some time. Since the War on Terror is no longer the grand concern of Americans people are now faced with the reality of the failure of conservative governance. People have realized that all conservatives like to do is fight endless wars to line their pockets and with the focus shifted Continue reading

Ferguson: a Mirocosm of our Nation’s Problems?

By Alberto Pupo

A microcosm of America? The tragic events in Ferguson Missouri bring to the forefront all that ails our nation as a whole. Within this event there can be seen several different problems that are being faced by Americans in city around our Nation. The rise of a militarized and abusive police force, daily racism, and control by a minority of people. These three elements are plainly obvious not just in the events in Ferguson, but in our country as a whole.


Local and state police departments have been consistently becoming more militarized around our nation. The image of the community police officer “serving and protected” has 628x471been replaced with a more hostile image of body armored thugs armed with heavy weaponry. This is a trend that has been on the rise mainly since the “War on Terror”. In an effort to “defend the homeland”. Police departments started to take cues and strategies from the military in order to protect from terrorism. In order to further support this tactical shift the types of equipment ordered by these police departments became more military in nature. Local police departments ordered more protective body armor, machine guns, and heavy armored vehicles for what they thought would be a long haul war Continue reading

Where did all the Bipartisanship go?

By Alberto Pupo

Where is the bipartisanship? The spirit of reaching across the aisle and working together? Political Commentators and journalists are always wistfully asking these questions waxing poetic about this mythical time. There seems to be a pattern among the mainstream or “political center” that there is no cooperation among the parties and that we bipartisanshipas a people are terribly divided. What is the cause for this division? What is the esoteric key? The answer is actually quite mind numbingly simple, it is all about the power.


Let’s face it Conservatives live for power. It is interesting to see the mood change in the conservative movement the moment that the President was no longer one of them. Suddenly gone is the hurray Nationalism and pride that permeated throughout the Bush administration. Suddenly media outlets and conservative commentators and politicians find themselves on the outside looking in.


Conservatives quite frankly have a Continue reading

The Grand Corporate Blame Game!

By Alberto Pupo

Point the finger at everyone and anything. Corporate America has a tendency to pass the buck. In the corporate world view, they are always blameless for any of the woes that they create. Corporations never admit when they have wronged us in any way shape or form. So who are ultimately the scapegoats who are the usual suspects for which Corporations place blame on for their failures?

 Government- the hand that feeds, and kills. To a corporation while government subsidizes, it also is an enemy. Taxes, regulations, rules, laws, etc, all inconvenient truths about having to do business in America. Corporate America often likes to blame paltry salaries and expensive goods and services, on government taxation. Even though Finger-pointing-225x300corporations pay next to nothing in taxes. Even though corporations engage in offshore tax avoidance and some even get refunds. Corporate America uses taxation as a smokescreen to justify raising costs and cutting payrolls. Whenever corporations are engaged in price gouging consumers, they simply declare it to be a natural reaction to sill and burdensome regulations like having to protect the environment for example. Corporations feel that even though they make a grand use of the global commons that maintaining them is not really much of their problem., because of this the “big bad guvmint” needs to lay off and let them run wild, otherwise the price of the silly environmental cleanups will have to be foisted upon the consumer.


The Employee- They are the lifeblood that keeps the beast running. If not for people giving up precious hours of their lives and family time for Continue reading

Hillary Clinton: The right choice for 2016?

By Alberto Pupo

2016 belongs to Hillary Clinton? The general trend among those leaning left has essentially been to pave the way for a candidate who has yet to even officially enter the race. But is Clinton the right choice for progress? Would a Hillary presidency move our country ever leftward, or leave us in a stagnating centralism masquerading as progress?


The desire to see a woman president is strong among most of the left especially progressive circles. Yet truthfully as of this time the only viable potential female candidate Hillary-Clinton-2016-400x262is Hillary Clinton. The truth is if not for the emergence of the Obama machine Hillary would have wrapped up the presidency especially after the disastrous Bush years. Hillary Clinton to many on the left does not represent a true progressive shift other than the ability to break the cycle and have the United states elect their first female president. While a female president may give us a different perspective and help empower women in general, is it enough to choose a candidate that had more conservative policies than Obama? With the massive push for Hillary the professional left is also Continue reading

Misinterpreting the 1st Amendment?

By Alberto Pupo

Freedom of Religion, a very power clause granted by our First Amendment (the second most important one after the Right to bear arms for some of America). This very concept of worshiping as you see fit and without interference has always been an important part of our Nation for those of faith. However the concept of Freedom of Religion is getting abused in our Nation. What was once a legitimate right, is being used as a blunt tool of control and domination by the Right-Wing. Now as currently interpreted by Conservatives images“freedom of religion” has become a blanket to allow for discrimination and hate to thrive. “Freedom of Religion” in its new interpretation has become a vehicle to attack women and the gay and lesbian community. This new interpretation has also been allowed by a Supreme Court who has helped to give legal backing and spin Continue reading

The Supreme Court vs. Congress: Who has Damaged America More?

By Alberto Pupo

Who is the most corrupt? Which branch of government has done the most damage? Yes while the Executive Branch from 2001-2008 was a source of devastation the last 8 years have not necessarily featured the same outright fascist imperialism (despite what some may think). Instead the last 8 years has featured a battle royale between the other two scalesbranches of Government Congress and the Supreme Court. Each of these branches in the last 8 years has brought forth their own little bit of disaster and has negatively impacted American society. So let us take a closer look at who has fucked the people the most!


Congress- Yes ladies and gentleman, these are the people elected to craft our laws! Since the United States is a Nation that is so hellbent on the “rule of law”, the role of Congress is vital to keeping our Country moving forward. Poorly crafted legislation can Continue reading

Burning out in America

By Alberto Pupo

Work! We in America are all work and no play.. and apparently a country of dull boys and girls. The good Capitalist prides itself in his or her work ethic. A good Capitalist must keep the wheels of Capitalism burning and the bank accounts of Corporate leadership flowing Burntoutwith more and more money. To the American psyche work equals money. However when it comes to productivity we as a Nation are not quite number one. Furthermore we are quickly burning ourselves out. There is no time for family, there is no time for leisure, and the way America is heading there will be no retirement. The Capitalist wheel will eventually grind us all until there is nothing left, and even so the government will not do anything to buck this trend.

When it comes to highly industrialized Nations America is not very good on vacations. Unlike a Nation like Switzerland who boasts 28 Federally mandated vacation days the Continue reading