Tea Party vs. GOP Round 1?


By Alberto Pupo

Tomorrow is the State of the Union Address. President Obama lays out what will be happening for his second term. However this will be but a sideshow to the beginning of a massive Civil War.  In an attempt to upstage the President, GOP luminary, rising star and New Messiah? will be going head to head versus Ayn Rand  thumping, Tea Party Savior in Rand Paul.  Yes the Cuban Jesus versus the Prodigal Son! The two rebuttal speeches will be important not because of its content (which will certainly be lacking), but because it will be the Continue reading



By Alberto Pupo

Pure Desperation, this is what describes the mindset of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Yes the actions are reprehensible, yes he has murdered and taken human life and nobody can simply absolve him for these killings. But what we as a people need to examine is What lead this young man to take such actions? What pushed him over the edge?  Mr. Dorner in a lengthy attempt to explain his actions does point to corruption and racism in the LAPD. Mr. Dorner once again is another sad case of a human being frustrated by the breakdown in justice which happens much too often in our society. A society which only brings forth justice to the mostly white and always rich and powerful.

Dorner’s manifesto breaking down the Continue reading

The Greatest Achievement?

By Alberto Pupo

The answer to the deficit has arrived. After all the bitter squabbling of the last three  years, Congress in its infinite wisdom has found a solution. In what is hailed as a “bipartisan victory” and is supposedly  strongly and hotly demanded. The United States Post Office has gotten rid of Saturday delivery. In doing this Billions of Dollars will be saved! More money will be put into valuable government functions like Corporate welfare and more drones and bombs!

The Post Office wants to do this proposals and Republicans want to oblige them and change the law Continue reading

Over and Over Again

By Alberto Pupo

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana

History is not the strongest subject of most Americans. In fact other than mathematics you will not hear more complains than the when it comes to the study of history. More often than not many believe it to be a simple tedious exercise dealing with memorizing of facts about dead people who have gone into oblivion. Yet history is what helps in our personal evolution towards a more civilized society. Any society which rejects the past continues to make this mistake. America for some reason is particularly lacking in historical understanding.

History is said to be cyclical, or have a pattern of some sort. Events that happen in the past play themselves out over and over again simply with different actors each time.  For Continue reading

Killing in the Name Of…


By Alberto Pupo
So the DOJ release a hot new memo.. legitimizing lawful killing! ( Some killing is lawful?) Using the finest of Bushesque arguments the Justice Department has done the impossible they have  created two categories of killing!  The memo uses the term “lawful killing” as a way to justify assassination. Using clever, verbal manipulation the Justice Department sickeningly attempts to validate  Drone Warfare.


The memo even creates a three point test? to legitimize the assassination. It mentions that a high level official can make the determination? Yes not just just the executive branch but any “high level” official can kill at will. Continue reading

Taking a Knife to a Sacred Cow

By Alberto Pupo

In a stunning turn of events President Obama has decided to take a hatchet to military spending. A lighting bolt of reason seems to have jolted the Department of Defense. The realization that the boogey man is dead, we cannot sustain fighting two wars and we need to take a more defensive approach to security. After years of bloated military growth under War Monger Bush and even part of his term. It looks like there will be some shredding of the military cow. Yes this is most likely an election year ploy, but hey it is a ploy that will give us a benefit. We need to start somewhere in the scaling back of the Military madness. The time has come to stop building empire and focus on creating a prosperous Nation at home. This causes for much celebration and rejoicing  burgers anybody?


Let the Ranting Begin

By Alberto Pupo

Prologue: These short rants are different from the articles within. They will becoming at you on a daily basis short and sweet. They will be clearly marked you have been warned.


Welcome to the Daily Rant the first episode where everything will be put to a trial by fire Short and too the point. What is wrong with America today? That a wolf in sheep skin can earn the trusts of a movement? That insane religious zealot takes second place? Or that everyone truly does hate Mitt? But let us leave those question aside and ponder on the glorious news of a challenge stemming from conservative Montana. A test case that will be trying to shoot down citizens United once and for all.  However can it succeed in a Court that has been bought and paid for by George W. Bush. Hid legacy still remains the stench of sulfur still with us. Oh well at least Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry finally go away  leaving the rest of the rational world to rejoice.