2011 A Look At a Year of Revolution

By Alberto Pupo

2011 a year of Revolution. When it comes to politics this is one of the wildest years that our Nation and the world has experienced. Things have come out of the unexpected wild and unpredictable things, a global revolution and a challenge to the notion of business as usual. 2011 has been a year of enormous change. While a very progressive year, as with any years there have been some things that have not been so great which have occurred and then of course there is the plain ugly.

Let us take a closer look at this Revolutionary year.

The Good

Occupy Wall St- The wake up call our Nation has been waiting for. After years of abuse the people of the United States those who are not part of the wealthy 1% have become fed up. Occupations sprang up like wildfire in many cities around the United States. Protests Continue reading

Reproductive Slavery: Mississippi Style


By Alberto Pupo

With the Occupy Movement heating up further. With the middle class struggling to retain Democracy in the United States. The state of Mississippi, is delving into a very important issue. The state of Mississippi will be engaging in a very primitive action. With all the economic upheaval the large concern right now seems to be a Woman’s Right to Choose. In one of the most economically devastated states in America the new proposal is to actually amend the Constitution to grant rights to Fertilized eggs! The last statement may seem outrageous but is sad and true a testament of how the right wing Fascist have completely lost touch with reality.

Roe v. Wade continues to be a target. Mississippi is going to present a new challenge, a state constitutional amendment. If passed this will grant person-hood on fertilized eggs which will have several repercussions. Firstly abortion will be tantamount to murder. Yes any form of abortion will be considered murdered since naturally conception will be deemed the beginning of person-hood. Secondly some forms of birth control will be outlawed. Continue reading

The Myth of Class Warfare

By Alberto Pupo

Class Warfare! This seems to be the primary concern on the minds of the Tea Party and the Ultra Rich. Clearly they are disturbed by the swelling protests that are happening now all around the country. What began has anger and frustration in Manhattan, has spread throughout the country. Where there was no coverage, now this has become the hot topic of debate. Where no leaders spoke on the situation, even the President of the United States has to come to grips with reality. The people are angry at the Financial system, Capitalism’s darkest nature is being challenged flatly. The people of the United States have realized that unregulated and unchecked Capitalism leads to disaster. Ignoring the will of the majority of the people is also leading to disaster. Yet the other side who finally spoke can only summon the concept class warfare. Through use of this smoke and mirrors concept they are simply obfuscating the reality of the situation. Continue reading

Where have all the leaders gone?

By Alberto Pupo

If your looking for guidance from a current politician in Washington, you will not find him or her in New York city. Not only is there a lack of major media coverage, (although this is changing). But there is no politician from either side of the aisle to be found. No since remarks from the GOP faithful in bed with the banks. No talk from any of the Tea Party “populists” who believed that all the banks should have failed. There is no talk from the White House who actually seemed more engaged in the Egyptian revolution yet one going at home conveniently is not spoken of. Even other Democrats who would typically being saying something do not speak. The problem here is very simple. The reason there no politics to be found is because they do not want to bite the hand that feeds. The sad truth is that the Manhattan protests against Wall St, truly shows Continue reading

Yes, We Can

 By: Tracy Meisky

Many progressives today are very disappointed with Barack Obama. We feel abandoned in our hour of greatest need. Over and over, on issue after issue he has relinquished the high ground: on budget cuts for social programs, consumer protections, banking regulations, clean air and water for our children, even social security!
He acts like it’s a choice between being an oak or a willow in the wind, and always, he bends. But this isn’t a wind- it’s a full-blown hurricane and what we need now is a dam, a bulwark against the raging flood that is hanging above us. Perhaps he didn’t realize the extent of the perfect storm that was brewing, but here it is, and here we are. Obama’s constant bending and capitulating leaves millions of Americans in danger of being washed away. Continue reading

The Legacy of 9/11

By: Alberto Pupo

Ten years ago this September, life in the United States changed. September 11th, ushered in many different emotions towards the American psyche. The falling of the Towers to an “enemy” changed the American world view. Suddenly the sense of infallibility vanished and Americans felt vulnerable. Many were suckered by soothing tones of a non elected President, who came to the rescue.9/11 started a narrative that until this very day continues to persist. “The War on Terror.”. Even with the ushering of a new administration politicians from all spectrum continue to follow the narrative. The mindset created a new legacy and vision of the world. The Arab world was seen a Devil. Anyone in our own land who may have seemed remotely Arabic was shunned. The man who was appointed President at the time urged us to fight and spend all our tax dollars chasing phantoms. Even though after ten years the bogey man was shot and killed, the war persists. September 11th has left behind a legacy that is far deeper than just a terrorist attack. It created a new paradigm of paranoia , bigotry and jingoist Nationalism, which till this day rears its head. Continue reading