Fear and Loathing this Election Cycle!

By Alberto Pupo

Last night’s Presidential debate, was an exercise in futility. This is the culmination of almost two decades now of a country which has been soaking up Reality tv, combined with a never-ending war of error. Now after last night it is clear that this election cycle is an 14264908_1219415344798946_1590424831154924402_nunmitigated disaster and we the people have let it get to this point.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton is a gift handed to us by the 1% that runs this Nation. Because it is a long running joke among the “elite” that Americans only want to engage in their viewing of the Bachelorette, Dances With Stars, Survivor, etc. That the game of politics is something that they have no time for. Going on Continue reading

Bernie or Bust: The only Rational Choice

By Alberto Pupo

Yes, it is almost over…. But not quite, a Primary season yanked directly out from Game of Thrones. We have deception, intrigue, drama, scheming (we are looking at you Wasserman Schultz). But now the time has come to declare a winner. The queen is 4tessierWEB-blog480already reaching for the crown in a unilateral coronation. But the only chance we have to save America comes in the guise of Senator Bernie Sanders. After all the madness we are caught between Clinton and Trump… our only option is to go Bernie or Bust.

The primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been close… (and full of fraud in some instances).Despite the rigging, despite most primaries shutting out independent voters Senator Sanders finds himself within striking distance and we are heading into what will be Continue reading

Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States: Thank you, SCOTUS

Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States: Thank you, SCOTUS!

By Leane Pupo

I woke up to rainbows and it is beautiful. Today the Supreme Court of the United States came to the decision that same-sex couples have the right to marry in all 50 states. While this may be a shocker to many “traditionalists,” today love won.


How can we expect a country to grow into a loving and tolerant society, when they would not allow truly devoted and loving couples to share the same rights as other loving and devoted couples?

Accepting Gay Rights and Gay Marriage is human. It does not have to be “your cup of tea,” but it is not YOUR life. Who are we to dictate who someone can love and share a bond with? Who are we to dictate that a couple that shares everything in life, cannot share the rights and legal responsibilities as another couple?

I am a proud heterosexual woman that has been married to the love of my life for the last ten years. I am also extremely proud of my country for not denying proud homosexual individuals the same joys of marriage across our land.

This is a big one, folks. We are showing acceptance, tolerance, and understanding. If we

can allow this feeling to permeate into other aspects of intolerance and discrimination, then we truly do have a shot for equality and simple humanity for all. We cannot define “human” by race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, but we should be embracing all differences, variations, and individuals.

Congratulations to all the same-sex couples out there. May our future, as a country, continue to be bright and may we spread love and understanding to everyone around us.

David & Gillian Kiss on Stage; Mulder & Scully Return; What You Must Know Before the X-Files Reboot!

By: Leane Pupo 

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

I can’t take it anymore. I am an extreme X-Files fan. The show is brilliant and the actors are amazing. There is no greater pair than Mulder and Scully. However, the serious internet explosion, comments, and questions have lead me to write this.

First of all, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are not Mulder and Scully. Everyone that is trolling them and wanting them to hook up should understand this. Do I feel they have a very interesting bond? Yeah. Has it matured over the years? Sure. Do I think they may hook up? Why not. The point is, they are not fictional characters but real people. What they do on their own time is very different than what is written for them. Just like their personalities. Sorry if I burst some bubbles. The rumors that they “hate” each other in “real-life” are also false. They have an email relationship and see each other during events a couple times a year. Both these statement came from the actors!

With the newest chapter on the horizon, The X-Files Reboot due to air January 24th, 2016, there has already been much hype. Add the fact that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson kissed (twice) during an encore at his show in the Cutting Room (NYC) on Tuesday (5-12-2015), a gig to promote his debut album “Hell or High water,” and fandom is squealing everywhere. Continue reading

Why Some Feminists Can Ruin Everything and Miss the Point on Equality: A break-down of “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” as a case in point.

Is the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Anti-Feminism?

Is the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Anti-Feminism?

By: Leane Pupo

Am I the only one that finds it ridiculous that it is a “Feminist” that is whining, crying, and bitching? As far as I know, those are very negative traits that are stereotyped as being “female.”

I have come to defend the Avengers for those claiming they are anti-female. I have also come to make some bold statements about people, in general.

“All men (and women), are created equal” is a load of crap. If you believe this, you are in complete denial, naïve, or a moron. This is the reason communism is prettier on paper and not easy in the “real-world.” I WISH we were all equal. We are not. There are biological differences in not only men and women, but in physical traits, and mental structures among race and ethnicity, too. There is also mental illness and disease to account for. Continue reading

Yes America, This is an Election Year!


By Alberto Pupo

New Year, same old agenda. With the coming of another year it is obviously clear that the Conservative Agenda does not change. Only a few days into 2014 and the song remains the same, attack workers rights, attack women and minorities, attack health care anything and everything that can benefit the people. The agenda is clear, only the 1% and election2014their agenda matters! 201 is an election year, granted it is a Mid-term Election but once again there is an opportunity to fight back via the ballot box. However unlike the debacle of 2010 the American people need to be savvier and fight back. 2014 cannot be an election year based on low voter turnout because it is that type of mindset that allows more conservative insanity to permeate our politics at a local, state and National level.

The Mid-term election. To most Americans this election year means next to nothing. Continue reading

Practice what you Preach?


By Alberto Pupo

Practice What you Preach! This is a principle that should be the cornerstone for most of humanity especially elected leaders. As one grows in life and acquires ideology it becomes incumbent upon the individual to try to follow the same path that they preach to most of society. However this cognitive dissonance is something incredibly evident among Conservatives. This sort of mindset betrays the notion that they simply parrot words but are exempt from the path they are trying to preach and while this is constant it has become evident with some recent actions from a certain Floridian Junior Senator and 2016 aspirant Marco Rubio?

Better known as the “gulp seen around the world” Florida Senator Marco Rubio has often been touted as the “anti white remedy” to the Continue reading

Right to Work in Michigan?


By Alberto Pupo

Michigan has fallen into the cesspool that is Right To Work Legislation. In a move that came as no surprise, Governor Rick Snyder, despite all the protests and inside the Capitol and outside his office. Despite the voices of the people asking for the Governor to do the right thing and Veto this piece of legislation, it went ahead and passed. This is devastating to a state like Michigan home of the auto industry. When it comes to Unions in the private sector most of those who are unionized work for the automakers in Detroit. The implementing of draconian legislation will now ensure that those in Unions in the state of Michigan will now suffer a great cut in wages and benefits as their corporate bosses will now basically be facing a rather toothless Unions rather than the Continue reading