SCOTUS Embraces Progress?

Alberto Pupo

For he first time in its recent history the ultra conservative Supreme Court has made two very progressive decisions akin to the”activist” Warren Court. Conservatives who can typically rely on this institution to continue regression in the United states have been shocked by what has been seen as back to back betrayal. Thursday’s decision to support health subsidies and reaffirm the “Obamacare” legislation came to a shock too many Conservatives who have been trying to crush the law since it was passed in 2010. Then came yesterday’s momentous decision, in one of the most important Civil Rights decisions in recent history the United States of America has legalized Gay Marriage many Conservatives watched in dismay as a cornerstone of prejudice was instantly US Supreme Courtwiped away in an afternoon by a Supreme Court which has proven to be the bastion of Corporate Power for the last 5 years,. Has the Supreme Court finally found its way? Or wee the two decisions simply a happy accident?


Obamacare the legislation that since 2010 has brought healthcare to millions previously uninsured. While the law is imperfect and still too reliant on the private insurance market, it has been one of the largest improvements ever made to the American healthcare system. In a last ditch Hail-Mary pass Continue reading

Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States: Thank you, SCOTUS

Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States: Thank you, SCOTUS!

By Leane Pupo

I woke up to rainbows and it is beautiful. Today the Supreme Court of the United States came to the decision that same-sex couples have the right to marry in all 50 states. While this may be a shocker to many “traditionalists,” today love won.


How can we expect a country to grow into a loving and tolerant society, when they would not allow truly devoted and loving couples to share the same rights as other loving and devoted couples?

Accepting Gay Rights and Gay Marriage is human. It does not have to be “your cup of tea,” but it is not YOUR life. Who are we to dictate who someone can love and share a bond with? Who are we to dictate that a couple that shares everything in life, cannot share the rights and legal responsibilities as another couple?

I am a proud heterosexual woman that has been married to the love of my life for the last ten years. I am also extremely proud of my country for not denying proud homosexual individuals the same joys of marriage across our land.

This is a big one, folks. We are showing acceptance, tolerance, and understanding. If we

can allow this feeling to permeate into other aspects of intolerance and discrimination, then we truly do have a shot for equality and simple humanity for all. We cannot define “human” by race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, but we should be embracing all differences, variations, and individuals.

Congratulations to all the same-sex couples out there. May our future, as a country, continue to be bright and may we spread love and understanding to everyone around us.

Why Mulder and Scully Not Living Together is Actually a Good Thing… For Now…

Mulder and Scully Not Living Together?

Mulder and Scully Not Living Together?

Why Mulder and Scully Not Living Together is Actually a Good Thing… For Now…
By: Leane Pupo

“We can tell you that they’re not living together…” are words that nearly broke every shippers heart today. Take heart that this is not as bad as you may think. In fact, look for consolation in “frustrated lovers Mulder and Scully” a couple of lines before. Why? Because this does not mean they are not seeing each other.

Let’s take a step back and review why not living together, may truly be the best thing for their successful future as a couple:

The X-Files has always been a Sci-Fi Drama above all else. The Unresolved Sexual Tension (or UST) between the two star characters is one of the many driving forces. As Chris Charter has said, Mulder loves Scully and Scully loves Mulder. This is undeniable and what has held the X-Files together. I mean, would you go to Antarctica for a co-worker?

However, a few things have always been very clear. Mulder is a dark man that can easily fall into a dark place. Scully is a rock. While we can see Scully rise and rise, it is not as simple for Fox Mulder. Continue reading

We Are All Trumped!

By Alberto Pupo

For decades h has cried wolf, teasing and prodding a media hungry for his arrival. As of 6/16/2015 Donald Trump the man, the myth, the legend himself has decided to step into the circus that will be the Republican primary. His announcement designed to steal the “Bush thunder” was chockful of Reaganisms all the way down to his campaign slogan. Trump was meandering and controversial and naturally banking on something very important the stupidity and lack of political knowledge particularly found among those who donaldchumpwill be voting in the Republican primary? Can the “Donald” win this primary? Many scoff at the idea, but then again an actor can’t be elected President twice right? What about a semi illiterate cowboy? This can’t happen this is America right? Uh oh…..

Trump’s announcement is shocking, mainly because for once he is not just Continue reading

What do I stand for?

By Alberto Pupo

“ What do I stand for?” most Nights I don’t know anymore?” A lyric from popular song but aptly describes Conservative ideology and outlook. What exactly does it mean to be a Conservative? What exactly is one trying to conserve? They claim to be holding to “tradition”, “family values”,”God” etc. they are inspired by a mix of faith and patriotism that gopbeliefsyields an ugly sound and fury. But when they look in a mirror what exactly do Conservatives stand for?


Tradition, what tradition does a conservative embrace. A tradition of White Protestant Males wielding power? A tradition were the black man is in chains, women are subjugated, and the Natives of the land are being herded into reservations? Do we strive to uphold special traditions like hate speech and having the ability to speak whatever comes to mind about any race, gender, sex, etc. Because of course the truth of the matter is that it would not be free speech if it is not demeaning or hateful. To a conservative right to openly hate anyone that is slightly different is part of the overall Continue reading

From Indicted to President?

By Alberto Pupo

Should the indicted run for office? Rick Perry has entered the fray. The man famously known for not knowing which government agency he would abolish, and who has been going through a bit of “legal trouble” has officially entered the presidential race. While this entry into the race does not come to a surprise to many the fact that he is currently still trying to fight an indictment is a bit shocking. How can a Nation that is supposed to be a8-19-2014-james-richard-perry-booking-photo model for the world allow an candidate not just run for political office but to run for the Presidency of the United States? What happened to morality and the rule of law? Does this not apply evenly?


Rick Perry is still under indictment and this is a fact. However despite this he is still running for office. The incredible thing is that most of the corporate media seems to be mum on this inconvenient truth. Yet this is something that the people of this Nation should be hammering on him a lot harder. If any minority in this nation would even consider running for dog catcher they would be immediately disqualified from pursuing any form of elected office. Yet how is rick Perry justified in even making this attempt? The savvy Conservative will off course scream Continue reading

Right-Wing Zealotry Gone Wild!

By Alberto Pupo

Zealotry, it is a nasty little mindset which unfortunately infects too many people in our society. Many of history’s darkest moments are a byproduct of this mode of thinking, like the Inquisition, Holocaust, etc.. This type of behavior is also very much a feature of right-wing conservative idealism. More often than not those of a right-wing bent will zealously strike after some sort of perceived enemy or abomination, like, gays, abortion, Screen-Shot-2015-05-21-at-9.06.57-PMblacks, atheists, etc.. and they will conjure up images of a self righteous indignant Crusade. However sadly more often than not such an undertaking betrays dark skeletons hidden in the darkest of closets, eventually these individuals will unveil their true nature and the world will see that which they lash out the most is nothing more than a crusade based on a sense of guilt for their own personal moral failings

At 19 and counting the Duggars have been a culture phenomenon of mass reproduction. In a household full of Jesus and devoid of birth control the Continue reading

Musings of a Toddler-Nursing Mother: The Society, Opinions, and Politics of Breastfeeding and How it Affects Moms

By: Leane Pupo

I have three children and decided breastfeeding was the best choice for my family. I know that there are many reasons women will choose not to breastfeed, or how long they will. I do highly recommend giving it a try and I know that science has backed up the benefits of gymnurstics_designbreastfeeding time and time again. After all, it is the natural choice.

What I am more interested now is how different my 3 breastfeeding experiences have been. My oldest son was born in 2006 and I remember reading to breastfeed until your child is at least 6 months. At the 6 months mark, I stopped. He never complained. It was as if “out of sight, out of mind.” Continue reading

The Ghost of George W. Bush

By Alberto Pupo

Jeb Bush, has still not declared his candidacy however the sins of his brother may become a liability for his political run. Recently the Ghost of Bush past is haunting Jeb in two embarrassing events that will hurt. In one Jeb Bush in a misguided attempt to show brotherly affection openly states that like his bother he would have also thrown our Nation into a useless and expensive war. Shortly after making such a bold declarative statement tumblr_njt6wgbJHu1rhkttmo1_500he realizes that he made a mistake and tries to play it off with the ever popular “I misheard”. Jeb Bush knows that he has made a major misstep as the whole point of his campaign is to be the “other Bush” a compassionate moderate with no Neocon ambition, but this misstep would not be the end of his recent brushes with public embarrass


Jeb Bush knows that gaining the support of younger voters is important, however in an America were younger voters are ultimately more politically progressive, she confronts good ol Jeb and states that his brother George w. Bush created ISIS. While this may seem like the words of an uninformed youngster who does not understand the political nuances and complex foreign policy, however the misinformed youngster was not far form the truth. ISIS, is essentially an Continue reading

David & Gillian Kiss on Stage; Mulder & Scully Return; What You Must Know Before the X-Files Reboot!

By: Leane Pupo 

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

I can’t take it anymore. I am an extreme X-Files fan. The show is brilliant and the actors are amazing. There is no greater pair than Mulder and Scully. However, the serious internet explosion, comments, and questions have lead me to write this.

First of all, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are not Mulder and Scully. Everyone that is trolling them and wanting them to hook up should understand this. Do I feel they have a very interesting bond? Yeah. Has it matured over the years? Sure. Do I think they may hook up? Why not. The point is, they are not fictional characters but real people. What they do on their own time is very different than what is written for them. Just like their personalities. Sorry if I burst some bubbles. The rumors that they “hate” each other in “real-life” are also false. They have an email relationship and see each other during events a couple times a year. Both these statement came from the actors!

With the newest chapter on the horizon, The X-Files Reboot due to air January 24th, 2016, there has already been much hype. Add the fact that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson kissed (twice) during an encore at his show in the Cutting Room (NYC) on Tuesday (5-12-2015), a gig to promote his debut album “Hell or High water,” and fandom is squealing everywhere. Continue reading