Time for a Change

By Alberto Pupo

Tomorrow is MLK day, a Federal Holiday and a celebrations of a civil rights icon. Yet in 2015, as we are about to engage in this celebration there still people in parts of the Nation (typically but not always of the southern persuasion) who revel in the use of the N word and still wax poetic about the majesty of the “boys in gray”, and something rising. Yes in 2015, there are still people who act as if the year is 1815, and there are still whispers of the “negro problem”. However many suggest this is not the case and that we live in a “post modern America” they constantly point toward the fact that we have a “black president”, yet even with all that being taken into account there is still amazing amounts of disgustingly vile racism even the “black president” is not spared of this venom. So as we mlk_day_mediumprepare to celebrate another MLK day we should really evaluate the philosophy of the man and see what we as Americans can do to live up to the creed of not judging based on the color of their skin.


Racism, is a disgusting viewpoint of those with an authoritarian bent. In the deep south this mindset continues to flourish, despite the fact that our society should have progressed. The virulent racism permeates throughout much of the Tea Party, sadly this is the year 2015, and this racism is still present in our society. In 2015 there is still talk of a Congressman which has ties to Continue reading

Romney again? : The Hubris of the Wealthy

By Alberto Pupo

Mitt Romney, is seeking the presidency in 2016… Yes Mr. 47%  is going to once again attempt to make 1600 Pennsylvania his home. If at first you don’t succeed keep throwing money at it! lots and lots of money! Hubris, plain and simple. Romney’s notion that he can re-package the same shit and sell it once more four years later is an example of how theMitt Romney wealthy truly feel about America. It is an example of a 1% that has not only lost touch with most of reality, but wants to dominate through dictatorial means even if it means purchasing the Presidency outright!

With a thin field of candidates with all the personality of cardboard and a Continue reading

The Boys are Back in Town!

By Alberto Pupo

Congress is back in session, after a time of idling (which they love). So now they are back and more Conservative than ever with the Senate under Republican control. With snow falling over the Capitol, in a rare appearance the new Congress swears to stand for injustice, the rich, and all that is wrong in America. Now they stand ready to govern, ready to make sure that America languishes for at least the next two years.

 The legislative proposals came fast and furious. Another not so veiled attack at “Obamacare”, another push for the Keystone environmental destruction plan, and finally that old time classic from the New deal era, attack Social Security at all cost. Brand new2015-01-06-NBC-NN-NewCongress1_0 Congress same old shit. Outrageous attempts to destroy the poor and middle class. Further attempts to strengthen the rule of corporations and the ever illustrious 1%. Once again Congress will ignore its constituents and strictly stick to old standbys and finding new ways to make America a hellhole.


With the same old dance one must wonder why these cretins even run for public office. Clearly, public service is nothing but an empty Continue reading

Works Kills!

By Alberto Pupo

Keep working America, Work until you no longer can, neglect your family, children, friends etc. Because after all the only thing that should matter is work. American work ethic involves sacrifice, working should be the central point of life, who needs leisure? Who needs fun? Work 80 hours a week, go home and continue to work, and then work through Signs of working stressevery holiday in almost obsessive fashion. It is good for you it is healthy, and furthermore anything else is simply un-American.


Since childhood Americans are taught that work is the meaning of life. Any in hour and hours of non stop work is a lazy moocher and more importantly a Communist sympathizer. Americans are taught to love and venerate work. Yet this popular myth, is nothing more than that, just a myth. The irony is that the wealthy who extol the virtues of work, are simply trying to make everyone but themselves work. After all historically it is the aristocracy who invented the very idea of leisure. The wealthy of course know this little Continue reading

Welcome 2015…

By Alberto Pupo

2015 is here what lies in store in our political world? Very soon Republicans will control both chambers of congress. Very soon reactionary forces will hold our legislative fates in their hands. The year is 2015, but the mentality of those who govern is very much yearning for 1815. Conservatism, what exactly is it that they want to conserve? Is it hatred of all minorities and women? Is it hatred for the poor and middle class? The future 2015is here and what does 2015 have in store for America?


Gridlock, obfuscation, sound and fury signifying nothing. If the previous Congress was a legislative stalemate, the new one will feature a complete legislative stalemate. Prepare for a year of insane bills to be proposed most likely featuring some sort of social cultural oppression, or Corporate economic subsidy. Prepare for a Congress who Continue reading

Clash of Generations

By Alberto Pupo

Progress… have we moved forward as a Nation in 2014. Sometimes it feels that way as a 55 year old cold war against an island Nation may be coming to an end.. but then there are time where we seem to be devolving into a highly racist society, in which state power is being used to kill minorities. The year also featured a Nation aware of legislative gridlock who has decided to go back and reward the group of people who have done nothing but obstruct legislature and shutdown the government. As 2014 rides into the xysunset, what will 2015 bring for America? Will we see a move more akin to the progressive thinking executive behavior we have sen recently. Or will our nation fall back to a pattern of vicious racial inequality or other regressive type of behavior. We stand once again at a fork looking for the best path.


America is a Nation at constant stalemate, this is especially true in our Nation as of today. America id Nation where sometimes progressive ideas can come to the forefront. Where the Continue reading

Too little too late…

By Alberto Pupo

Congress vacationed, idled, and was constantly mired in gridlock for what has been nearly three years. They have barely passed any legislation, and passing a single budget was something akin to the tragedy of Sisyphus. Yet the last week something strange has happened, where once there was idleness and deadlock, now was a sudden surge in productivity. Suddenly out of the ashes arises an omnibus of legislation, the result of pent 140805142519-congress-one-word-word-cloud-story-topup legislative goodness bursting forth… Yet somehow we the people can help but find this to be terribly wrong? contrived? A genuine cluster fuck indeed. Congress has gone from legislative apathy to a new found artificial productivity which will ultimately do more harm than good.


With topics as diverse as marijuana, to fattening lunches, deregulation of Wall St. et al.. The new monstrous bill is trying to make up for years of lost time. Yet this massive bill is simply throwing out many damaging pieces Continue reading

Why do they hate us?

By Alberto Pupo

Why do they hate us? This is the question that was asked during the “War of Terror”. This question has now be answered by a rather hefty report. Torture, or the Bushes referred to as “Enhanced Interrogations”, is now a very public and open reality. Yes much of what is in this report has been acknowledged by certain researchers and mainly Progressive Journalists, but now the allegations are coming from within he very Government who at bush-cheney-war-criminalsone point was trying to sweep these same allegations under the rug.


For those nostalgic for Bush, this week we peer into the darkness that was that era. The fat out torture used by a nation which is supposed to be spreading freedom. The allegations of 160 million dollars given as hush money to two psychologists to essentially find a way to torture people. In the end the conclusion reached is quite simple torture does not work. To the American people for the most part will not read the report or delve into the dark details. However in today’s social media meme oriented universe the message and substance of the report will make its rounds. This will have a lasting impact especially on younger children, who as this report makes its way throughout our society are sitting in their classrooms listening to Nationalistic Continue reading

Good Ol’ Fashion Racism in Ferguson

By Alberto Pupo

Ferguson the site of a travesty of justice. A Grand Jury has decided not to move forward with an indictment. After weeks of building up a media campaign the predictable outcome was made public last night. Here in Ferguson outright racism comes full center. Public officials staged a mockery of a press-conference. They wanted to sell a story, a bill of odds. Once again 2014, a White man with a badge is allowed to murder a black youth in cold blood and walk away without any sense of accountability. Is this justice?


Since birth we as Americans are trained to have faith in police officers and that the justice hmytkowge5abu0cwasqhsystem can remedy wrongs. However as of November 24th, 2014 in what has been dubbed by people as Post-racial America a Grand Jury consisting of nine white individuals and three minorities has decided that the pursuit of justice is only for those who are wealthy or white. Darren Wilson has been basically justified for killing an unarmed youth. By not allowing the matter to be tried in a Court of law, any hope of true justice Continue reading

Immigration Action!

By Alberto Pupo

It is the end of the world. In an Executive action 6 years in the making, President Obama has granted a temporary reprieve to 5 million people. With the stroke of a pen 5 million people have now been given protection and a new lease on life. This action has been seen as an outrage, as a shock! Republicans are appalled that he will take such an imperious or devious action. The truth of the matter is what took so long? This is the course of action that should have occurred at the first sign of congressional obstruction, because of the 1444286results of the mid-term elections if our Nation is to survive executive actions will be needed to preserve the rights of the people.


Executive Actions, during the Bush era this was a technique used to take away our civil liberties. Luckily in this case Executive action has been used to bring good. After being brought to office partially because of the strong Hispanic vote, President Obama in an uncharacteristically bold move decided to finally return the favor. While this executive action may only be a temporary fix, it is a fix that has been 6 years in the making. Immigration reform as been discussed with Congress ad nauseum, however for six years the Conservatives in Congress were to busy wasting time in an attempt to defund Continue reading