Affirming Racism


By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court has affirmed Racism. 2014 this is our Post Racial America, The Nation’s High Court decides to take a look into a case involving Affirmative Action. For the last two decades there has been an assault of Affirmative Action which has pretty much weakened the entire notion. At first blush many will agree to end Affirmative Action. The 0917-affirmative-action-protest_full_600Supreme Court tries to justify their decision in that by going against “Affirmative Action it will help avoid race resentment. This line of thinking and rationale is quite interesting. The Supreme Court especially in its current incarnation has been working hard to erode laws and measures that were used to protect minorities. Prior to this Affirmative Action case the Supreme Court allowed it so that Continue reading

Draft Ben Carson in 2016?

By Alberto Pupo

Gifted Hands, yet politically ignorant. In an effort to tout diversity (and insult every African American in the process). The Republican Party is desperately trying to paint it’s white shiny face black! Since 2008 and the election of the first  President with a background other Caucasian, the dying Republican elephant has been trying to showcase diversity.
Yet this latest call to “draft Ben Carson” betrays a couple of things. Firstly that the Conservative Movement does not understanding a thing about embracing diversity . Secondly that the The Conservative Movement is  desperate.


The Conservative outreach movement started during the George W. Bush era, when in order to show some sort of diversity they placed African Americans like Condelezza Rice and Colin Powell. Through the inclusion of these individuals in high level positions within the Administration, Republicans felt that they should receive in return the African Continue reading

The New American Aristocracy?


By Alberto Pupo

The Koch Brothers, They are on a mission to own all of America. They want our land, resources,  blood, first born etc. How can one family wield so much power? How can a band of brothers  bring Democracy to its knees? Using the power invested in them by the Corporate Court of America the Koch Brothers have been on a rampage. They are trying 8_koch_brothers_elkto not only control industry but control life in general?  They want to become overlords of the United States. IN a Nation which always took pride in Meritocracy why have we accepted this strange notion of aristocracy which has become the trademark of modern day America. For a Nation which reveres “independence” we have become acceptance of dependence of royal families? We Continue reading

The Decision 2014 Edition


By Alberto Pupo

No this is not about Lebron James….

With their most recent  Decision The Supreme Court once again takes another aim at Democracy.
If you thought Citizens United was bad well the sequel is a hell of a lot worst. This time the fuck-you5 Conservative Bastards in the Court take their shot at all of those making below a billion dollars.
You do not mean anything unless you are wealthy! In fact this little gem came to our attention, it is an original draft of the Majority Opinion as penned by Scalia…. enjoy ladies Continue reading

Oops They Did it Again!


By Alberto Pupo

BP strikes again. Three years after they demolished the Gulf of Mexico, the Corporate beast strikes back against the environment. This time while on a smaller scale still as devastating. BP has just spilled oil into Lake Michigan. Once again BP has been trying to25078945_SS downplay the significance of the oil spill but with every passing moment they seem to be admitting that the spill was “larger than they thought”.


What the Hell is wrong with BP? Is it simply a lack of infrastructure upgrades and employee ineptitude that is causing these failures? Are they spending too much money Continue reading

Tea Party Tsunami Part Deux?

By Alberto Pupo

Republicans to gain control of the Senate? The political pundits are on a frenzy predicting Conservative Tusnami part deux. Inexpilicably due to statistical analysis and Obamacare, the tide of the Nation will turn in one fell swoop (thank you Alex Sink). A moribund party will suddenly rise to the occasion and win. How does this happen? Why will it happen?voter-apathy


Mathematical predictions aside, the truth is that it boils down to apathy. The small minority of bitter white men still clinging to their guns and bibles will head to the ballot box, while the rest of America gnashes their teeth and goes on a bitter invective on Twitter (yes the 140 character kind).

People if we want to avoid a rerun of the Tsunami it boils down to getting up and moving down to the polls a good idea (if it is not suppressed,here’s looking at you Southern States!).



So let’s set the pessimistic apathy aside at least for this year. Then come 2015 in an off year America can resume with its wailing and loafing around and who knows what the Kardashians will be doing then?

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Putin’s War (not America’s)

By Alberto Pupo

The Crimean Crisis! The Right continues to hammer the Administration. They rattle their sabers because they want blood. Republicans are an unhappy bunch if they are not blowing something up! It is simply a part of their violent nature and character. (perhaps to relieve their sexual frustrations). President Obama has been taking the right approach to the Russia issue. Instead of throwing our Nation into an unnecessary he has done the sane thing and remained on the outside of a regional conflict.

The United States need to turn a new leaf. We need to stop the whole notion of playing Global Cop and instead worry about the struggles of the people that reside within the borders of our Nation. The reason we often get thrown to to War is because the War Machine is often looking for an economic stimulus, and the Conservatives in Washington tend to be the ones that provide and procure these favors. Sadly War is Big Business and pic_giant_031814_SM_The-Crimean-Crisis-Continuesit is the only reason that human beings continue to engage in this frivolous useless butchery.

We need to stay out of this Crimean conflict at all costs! We cannot allow Conservative politicians to drag us into another useless war to satisfy Continue reading

Corporations Are Not People!

By Alberto Pupo

Corporations are not People!

Corporations do not starve, and Corporations do not bleed.Corporations were

created with one goal in mind and that is simply to deceive.Corporations control I_refuse_to_believe_corporations_are_people

the fabric of our lives they control our senses. To break the grip of the Corporate

world all we need is believe.. That humanity can overcome base emotions and social greed.

Greed is part of the problem in our society. The wealthy attain their wealth by hook or by crook and instead of allowing others to achieve what they have achieved they work their entire lives in making sure the Continue reading

Rubio the Policy Wonk?

By Alberto Pupo

Policy wonk! Apparently certain sources are claiming that Marco Rubio is embracing policy as a way to the presidency? This is new strategy is all happening because Sugar Daddy Jim Demint has grown weary of the “rising star”.73-2



The truth of the matter is Rubio is devoid of original ideas and is a lousy statement.


Rubio’s one moment to shine Continue reading

Healthcare for None?

By Alberto Pupo

Four years old and the war still continues. Obamacare, the root of all evil. Obamacare, that which leaves millions of Americans restless at night with promise of health insurance. The ever present mandate is coming for us all (not just yet for Big Business). Meanwhile House Republicans have attempted a whopping 50 times to Repeal the law! Now they no_healthcare_plan_buttons-r8902f2ae79174a12b10e3d212fc26e58_x7j18_8byvr_512have even put together a plan to try and replace the health care law with. What is it about this law that makes it so scary? Why is the Right so entrenched on making this an election year issue (every single time)? What is it that scares them? Is this a fear of a slippery slope towards a true Single Payer plan? Is it all the taxes on medical devices and tanning beds? Or is it the idea of change itself?



The Affordable Health Care Act has been law since 2010. In the Republican world view it Continue reading