Ted Loves Joni

By Alberto Pupo

So after the mid-terms there are rumors swirling around Washington about Ted Cruz hotly anticipating the arrival of Joni Ernst. The Tea Party stalwart and resident loony toon is apparently smitten on an ideological level but foes it go beyond that? Well here is a letter ErnstCruzExcited_v1-705x470addressed to Ms. Ernst penned by Cruz congratulating her on victory and more?



Dear Joni,


Congratulations, on making it to Washington! I for one must admit to being a huge fan. Never did I think that another woman can be so beautiful and brilliant. I have followed your campaign with great interest, intrigued by your notion of making Continue reading

2014 Midterms= American Stupidity

By Alberto Pupo

Republicans take the Senate! In another exercise in electoral futility the mid-term elections once again provide proof of the conflicted American voter once again the overall political ignorance is on display. Conservatives who have been the cause of all gridlock, have shutdown the government and stymied progress at all levels of government are given a mandate to govern? Why does this happen? What is the reason for the cognitive dissonance that exists within the American political psyche.

 The results have been pouring in and Republicans have taken control of the Senate. Now that Republicans have control the first order of business is to gut Obamacare. If the President turns around and Vetos they will then move to Impeachment. The Republicans will then bring up progressive legislation like cutting the safety net, making abortion illegal, and giving every man, woman, and child a gun. Expect to see wild and radical proposals Election-2014as these elections will seem like a ”mandate” to take the Country straight toward Fascism. The American people however overwhelmingly voted for this wonderful scenario. Instead of moving the country a more progressive direction they move it the opposite way.


So what is the reason for the Continue reading

Regulation is “UnAmerican”

By Alberto Pupo

Regulation, the word can make any conservative go into convulsions. The very thought that human behavior and liberty can be regulated is simply wrong and Unchristian (because after all religion consists of very little regulation). Business is to be free from interference. Business should only answer to one thing the bottom line! However this lack of regulation can lead to certain issues, like health problems, infrastructure collapse, environmental disasters etc. A lack of regulatory control can spiral to a society where the social ills of Laissez faire are simply chalked up to the “cost of business.”.


Whiskey enthusiasts have been surprised to hear about the recent banning of Fireball, a indexrelatively popular Cinnamon flavored whiskey. The reasoning for the ban is because one of the ingredients in this drink is also an ingredient found in something innocuous like antifreeze. The socialist European nations of Finland, Sweden, and Norway concerned with food safety guidelines ( a trivial notion). Decided to do the impossible and tell this Corporation that they would not be selling their drinks. After the ban was reported here in America the FDA in being patriotic and supporting the business community has decided to take no such action, so that this company can still peddle its drinks to unsuspecting college students across our Continue reading

The Culture of Oops

By Alberto Pupo

The Oops culture., more often than not in American society, tragic or vile events are labeled as mistakes. Bad policy decisions are apologized for. Certain events and rushing into useless wars are called “lapses in intelligence”. It seems that in order to explain away deliberately reprehensible actions, these actions are instead labeled as mistakes and blamed on incompetence. However in a Nation were civic and military leadership are ooopsendowed with education and certifications how is it that vile policies and actions are always incompetence? Are we really that incompetent as a Nation? Or are these actions simply Machiavellian machinations to obscure evil actions and escape any form of accountability?


The oops culture is a very conservative notion. For example 9/11, the straightforward explanation was to explain away everything as an intelligence mistake”. We see this theme ongoing throughout most of the War of Terror. Lack of wmd’s, Continue reading

A Gathering of Fools

By Alberto Pupo

A gathering fools, on October 14th, 2014 before standing before a small coterie of media, a group of miscreants decided to tell us what is wrong. They stood defiant in front of Planned Parent Hood in Washington DC. The sign-ange they carried betrayed the very scientifically sound message that”Abortion exposes children to BDSM”. This is something 1798763_10152726341800873_2905618465992571153_nthat we the people must be aware of.


They came up one after the other you, bold, educated, courageous, mainly towing the line about the evils of abortion and how “Obamacare” had made this possible. After an hour of raging against the abortion machine, they broke down and walked off triumphantly heads held high in victory the world better place?


The above gathering is an unfortunately a true story. None of the events have been exaggerated and yes there was someone holding the above described sign-age. This anecdote is indicative of what is wrong with our Nation. Instead of trying to help improve the lives of Americans,or finding ways to be rid of inequality, or fight for a more just world, etc. This group of individuals stood against a woman’s right to choose. They stood against Planned Parenthood an organization which is not merely an”abortion factory” but as the name implies it is a clinic helping those who cannot afford it better plan for their future, by providing different health services. Yet this group of miscreants spouted their propaganda without any interruption, without anyone bothering to call them out for Continue reading

Freedom of speech: Is it only for Conservatives?

By Alberto Pupo

Freedom of Speech it is a beautiful concept in America, that holds true if you are a conservative that is. It seems that the ability to use the first amendment to speak on controversial subjects at will seems to be a gift bestowed upon those of a right-wing bent. Taking all mediums of communication into consideration radical right-wing ideas are often given a free pass no matter how outrageous or offensive they can be. The right-wing easily hides behind the first amendment same unfortunately cannot be said about those with a left-wing or more progressive world-view. Thee views are often seen as dangerous 1924396_10152706489705873_1036496952167347166_nand many time freedom of speech may not be a defense when taking a different point of view. Is there truly a right-wing bias.


The right-wing in this Nation holds a variety of views and opinions, which to a rational mind are offensive, archaic and dangerous (see picture for an example). Yet these views are commonly passed on to the American people on a daily basis via, Internet, radio, television, and even face to face protests. many times those of a conservative right-wing bent are not subject to police harassment and intimidation. They are able to practically approach anyone they desire and openly an without reservation express their hate. They are not subject to scrutiny of any kind and more often than not people will immediately jump to their defense. This has been seen for example during the Health care Town Hall Meetings in 2010, Tea Party activists were able to get within feet of the President and express their general disdain. There was no such thing as a”protest zone” or buffer. As a stark contrast you then Continue reading

What Economic Recovery?

By: Alberto Pupo

Unemployment drops to 5.9%! Amazingly enough it seems like the economy of our Nation has fully turned around. However despite all of this there is still a general pessimism in American society. President Obama is seen as being the worse president ever by many. There many people who still feel like daily life is a struggle and the situation is dire. What accounts for this numbers disconnect? How is it possible that despite the mathematical evidence of recovery that so many are still feeling pinched? Why do so may economicrecoverypeople despite the economic reports still feel that America is heading down the wrong economic path? Is it a simple mis-perception? Or is there more than meets the eye?


The unemployment rate is pretty low, the stock market is rolling along, while corporate profits are soaring! So why is the economic outlook so bleak for most? The secret is in the wages! While all other aspects of the economy are thriving, those who are helping to fuel the boom are not feeling it in the pocketbook. While landing a job has become an easier thing to do, the wages tied to that job Continue reading

End Corporate Media Now!

By Alberto Pupo

War, blood, death, and devastation, America this what we are fed every day. The corporate media as of late has been on a roll talking about the “ISIS threat”. The latest blitz is trying to hammer the point home to the people that the threat is very real and manufacture a new coalition of the willing to engage this new found enemy. This march for war is quite tiresome. The media instead of focusing on how we can improve our Nation, is too busy focusing on the next beheading video or sensationalist bombing escapade. indexThere seems to be a concerted and coordinated effort to keep us from asking about how to improve the issues that plague us



If one were to follow the reporting from corporate media outlets one would think that the United States is in a very precarious situation. Many will believe that there is a vicious group of terrorists ready to storm and attack our shores. In order to boost the media propaganda right-wing politicians like (Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for example). Will get on the air and start to spout out apocalyptic theories. The push to an all out ground war against Continue reading


By Leane Pupo

Sitting in traffic sucks. There is no more sophisticated way of putting it. It just sucks. Reading license plates and bumper stickers becomes your daily reading material and, potentially, a little game. You can identify different people in society and their views just buy their car and what they stick on to it. How they feel about certain issues, politicallspay-neuter-peopley, socially… Are they proud parents? Are they Metal Heads? Surfers? What about the Animal Rights Activists?

I love animals. They are nobler than pretty much anyone I have ever met. They love unconditionally; something we, the greater beings, have not figured out. However, they are animals. They do not kid themselves, like we do, and they procreate… a lot. So sitting in my car, reading the material posted on the bumper in Continue reading

Bye Bye Gender. Hello Tolerance

By Leane Pupo

I was watching my two youngest children playing today and began thinking about tolerance. Not about, “Hey, mom, be tolerant of our misbehavior,” but of a tolerance and blurring of gender lines. I am the mother of three very different children. They are in smart in their own right, special in their own way, and loving. My oldest son is 8, my middle son gendermixis 4, and my daughter is 1.

When our oldest was born, everything was blue. Toys cars, trains, planes, skateboards, balls, bikes… Anything “boy” we could get our hands on, we introduced it to him. He never cared for imagination and superheroes. He turned out to be our Continue reading