End Corporate Media Now!

By Alberto Pupo

War, blood, death, and devastation, America this what we are fed every day. The corporate media as of late has been on a roll talking about the “ISIS threat”. The latest blitz is trying to hammer the point home to the people that the threat is very real and manufacture a new coalition of the willing to engage this new found enemy. This march for war is quite tiresome. The media instead of focusing on how we can improve our Nation, is too busy focusing on the next beheading video or sensationalist bombing escapade. indexThere seems to be a concerted and coordinated effort to keep us from asking about how to improve the issues that plague us



If one were to follow the reporting from corporate media outlets one would think that the United States is in a very precarious situation. Many will believe that there is a vicious group of terrorists ready to storm and attack our shores. In order to boost the media propaganda right-wing politicians like (Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for example). Will get on the air and start to spout out apocalyptic theories. The push to an all out ground war against Continue reading


By Leane Pupo

Sitting in traffic sucks. There is no more sophisticated way of putting it. It just sucks. Reading license plates and bumper stickers becomes your daily reading material and, potentially, a little game. You can identify different people in society and their views just buy their car and what they stick on to it. How they feel about certain issues, politicallspay-neuter-peopley, socially… Are they proud parents? Are they Metal Heads? Surfers? What about the Animal Rights Activists?

I love animals. They are nobler than pretty much anyone I have ever met. They love unconditionally; something we, the greater beings, have not figured out. However, they are animals. They do not kid themselves, like we do, and they procreate… a lot. So sitting in my car, reading the material posted on the bumper in Continue reading

Bye Bye Gender. Hello Tolerance

By Leane Pupo

I was watching my two youngest children playing today and began thinking about tolerance. Not about, “Hey, mom, be tolerant of our misbehavior,” but of a tolerance and blurring of gender lines. I am the mother of three very different children. They are in smart in their own right, special in their own way, and loving. My oldest son is 8, my middle son gendermixis 4, and my daughter is 1.

When our oldest was born, everything was blue. Toys cars, trains, planes, skateboards, balls, bikes… Anything “boy” we could get our hands on, we introduced it to him. He never cared for imagination and superheroes. He turned out to be our Continue reading

There is No Denying It!

By Alberto Pupo

There is no denial this time. 400,000 thousand strong, with one single message “We must stop Climate Change”. September 21st, 2014 the largest march against regarding the issue of climate change occurred. The turn ut was unprecedented and those in attendance, a mixed variety of individuals marched forth with a hope that the policymakers got the message. The march is an indicator that the people of this nation are finally coming around to a reality, which right-wing leadership has been trying so desperately to deny. The truth is plainly evident the people have become sickened by the 140921_peoples_climate_march_msm6_3281fact that there is no action taken, so now the people are standing up in order to change this.


Last time they marched in the streets in New York en masse we witnessed the birth of Occupy, and the struggle against Wall St. Yet while the message in 2011 was to call inequality, this new message is to call out those who deny reality in an attempt to save our environment, The people of this Nation feel that not only are Corporations ruthlessly digging Continue reading

Thank You Congress!

By Alberto Pupo

Dear Congress,


Thank you for gracing us with your presence. We the people feel honored that you have served us well and delved into a very difficult two week period of attempting the process of legislating us into a brighter future. We are grateful to have have diligent public servants who are in no way obstruction will in the process of governance. Because you work so us-congresshard in governing it is understandable that today you have ended your session and will now embark in an arduous 6 week break in order to “campaign” for the opportunity to retain your job after the election.


The work you accomplished these past two weeks has been amazing In fact it has been so amazing that it seems that after an almost 8 week summer vacation our legislative body had not missed a beat During this two week period rather than dealing with issues of inequality, environment, or Continue reading

NEWS FLASH: WE ARE ALL SCREWED! How Everyone is Stuck on the Same Lonely Floating Rock in Space

By Leane Pupo

I woke up today and heard the news that Scotland is sticking with the rest of the United Kingdom. Some may ask, after hundreds of years of bloodshed, culture clash, and visionary differences, why would Scotland vote to stay? Is this another re-count issue? Was the election rigged by the Evil Queen? Is this Stockholm Syndrome?  peace20on20earth20hands

I do not often take political stands on anything or speak openly. Not because I am frightened by my own views, but because I am frustrated by all the bickering around the world. I do not mean to sound ignorant nor naïve; however, when the hell are we all going to put down the pitch forks and pick up the pens? I realized many, many, years ago that we are Continue reading

The True Threat to America

By Alberto Pupo

This past week while the leadership in the United States obsessed with coming war with ISIS. There was a second event with a potential for greater immediate impact that was not quite as heavily reported. The outcome of this event will ultimately have an impact oh the type of political leaders that are elected. Thee was an attempt to introduce an amendment citizensbuckley7-26-12banto overturn the Citizens United Decisions. This particular amendment is something that would have very important ramifications as it can once again allow for the political process to serve the people rather than hurt the people as it has been doing since 2010.


While it seems that terrorism was affecting all the political conversation of the day, there was a proposed Continue reading

The Myth of Equal Opportunity

By Alberto Pupo

Equality, that is a “ Communist concept”. Americans are sometimes insulted by the very notion that people should be equal. Should people of varied talents get paid the same? Should those who work harder make as much money as a slacker? The nature of the American people is supposed to reward those who work hard and are industrious, this is the foundation of the so called “American Dream”. When Americans mention equality they EOheadermean equal opportunity. In America it is important that everyone has the same chance to improve his or her life. But the reality is that the very notion of equal opportunity is in itself misguided, as this very notion is nothing more than a pipe dream.


We the people should all have the same chance at success, and in America we all do. This is the myth conservatives have been propagating for years. Whenever the see Continue reading

ISIS: Fact or Fiction?

By: Alberto Pupo

The age of Al Queda is over! Introducing ISIS the latest terror group who will be coming after us. Just when it seemed that this “war on terror” has been put to rest, the Right-Wing is busy at work creating our new monster. It seems that every decade or so America needs to engage in some sort of conflict to forget all the inequality and problems that are plaguing us as a nation. In plunging our Nation into a new paranoia the Conservatives are trying to help America forget just how much damage they have done to our Nation. isis_graphic_mgnInstead as we approach the 2014 midterms they want to plunge us into the ignorant dark age and paranoia that was the war on terror, this is being done as a way to justify the very existence of their political philosophy.


The conservative mindset has been on a death spiral for quite some time. Since the War on Terror is no longer the grand concern of Americans people are now faced with the reality of the failure of conservative governance. People have realized that all conservatives like to do is fight endless wars to line their pockets and with the focus shifted Continue reading

Ferguson: a Mirocosm of our Nation’s Problems?

By Alberto Pupo

A microcosm of America? The tragic events in Ferguson Missouri bring to the forefront all that ails our nation as a whole. Within this event there can be seen several different problems that are being faced by Americans in city around our Nation. The rise of a militarized and abusive police force, daily racism, and control by a minority of people. These three elements are plainly obvious not just in the events in Ferguson, but in our country as a whole.


Local and state police departments have been consistently becoming more militarized around our nation. The image of the community police officer “serving and protected” has 628x471been replaced with a more hostile image of body armored thugs armed with heavy weaponry. This is a trend that has been on the rise mainly since the “War on Terror”. In an effort to “defend the homeland”. Police departments started to take cues and strategies from the military in order to protect from terrorism. In order to further support this tactical shift the types of equipment ordered by these police departments became more military in nature. Local police departments ordered more protective body armor, machine guns, and heavy armored vehicles for what they thought would be a long haul war Continue reading